Saturday, December 4, 2010

Toys for tots fundraiser update...

So far this year, I've received a little over $400 in donations from people for the Toys for Tots Fundraiser. That's quite a lot less than I did last year but it's still a significant amount and will make a difference for a lot of little kids. I already spent $65 of my own money for the toys that have been purchased already. I'll probably spend a little bit more, too. I've been setting a few dollars here and there aside so I could add it to the total for the fundraiser. Thanks so much to everyone that has donated so far. Whether it was $50, $20 or $3, your donations have really added up and I appreciate all the help.

There's still another 10 (or 12, let me know if you want to donate but need to wait for a specific date but the 16th will be the latest to donate to me I'm thinking) days to donate to the fundraiser if you haven't already and want to. It doesn't have to be much. Check out the posts I've already done on it. One includes pictures so you can see just how many toys my $65 did buy.

Even if you don't donate to my fundraiser, it would be great if you found something worthwhile to drop a few dollars to. Every little bit really does help. :)

Happy Saturday!

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