Friday, December 31, 2010

Hey, you? Bring your eyes over here & read this! ;)

Yesterday, I woke up feeling less shitty than I have in over a week. I took some more medicine, drank some tea and then got on with the things I needed to get done.

I was so busy doing errands and working a busy as hell shift at work and then hanging out blowing off steam after work that I forgot to eat dinner. I realized this around 2:30 AM because my stomach was making obnoxiously loud growling sounds as I was driving my drunk boyfriend home, lol. Then I realized my last and only meal of the day had been at 12:30 PM earlier in the day. FOOD TASTES SO GOOD WHEN YOU’RE THAT HUNGRY, lol. It’s like something that would normally just be good just tastes fucking amazing.

I’m so excited for today, too. No work! As most people who read my blog or follow my Twitter probably know, I spend my weekends at work. Tonight? I have the night off. And it's New Years Eve. My boyfriend also has the night off. HOO-FUCKING-RAY. I don't hardly ever see him. We have different days off and work very opposite schedules. So, it sucks but we deal since we have to, lol.

The Stars and Canucks game is tonight, too. Should be a good game to watch. Hopefully, haha. I'm just excited. Usually I only get to see bits and pieces of the games as I catch glimpses while I'm at work. I get to watch the whole damn game tonight. Excitement abounds!

Then I'll be hanging out with the boyfriend and friends, drinking and such after the game. Which I'm also excited about. Since I work all weekend, I don't often get to see my friends either. Nor do anything that's much fun.

I realized last night that I work so much and lately have been stressing so much. I need to remember to fit in some me time and some fun time, too. I’ve been forgetting to do that lately and I’ve been feeling more anxious and stressed out lately. I need to remember to fit in time to just fucking relax instead of just being busy all of the time. Working a lot of hours, errands, committing to other projects and just staying busy.
I like to stay busy but my problem with that is I end up so busy that I end up not taking care of myself right. Not eating because I forget meals because I have so much other stuff I'm doing or thinking about. Or eating a NutriGrain bar as a meal because that’s what I have time for. Or not getting enough sleep. Or not taking any time to just sit for an hour, drink some tea and enjoy reading a book or something. I need to learn to relax and just chill sometimes. I don't always need to be going and doing and busy busy busy. So, I'll work on doing a little less and making more time to relax and have some fun. :)

This year has been incredibly rough and pretty damn good at the same time. I'm not going to do one one of those long recap posts because I kind of hate doing those. Lots of downs, some ups, some huge hurdles to pass, hills to climb, tears shed, new people met, etc etc. Life happened. And I'm pretty happy with how mine is going right now and plan to keep that attitude moving on in to the new year and every day that I'm lucky to have. :)

If you're going out to celebrate tonight, please be safe. Have fun but be safe. :D

Happy Friday!
Happy New Years Eve!


MinorityReport said...

Happy New Year!
Enjoy the time off :)

Osbasso said...

Hooray for the day off!

Have a safe and happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I got to watch the Coyotes games two nights in a row...I hardly ever get to watch a game so I was really excited...have fun with the Stars and the Stars vs. Canucks game. I don't have a hat in either game so I'll root for your Start (Tippett came from ya'll and I love him).


Another Suburban Mom said...

Apparently your NYE was made of awesome so I am glad that you got to have fun. Please remember to take your you time, and I hope in 2011 that you and boyfriend will be able to get your own place.