Thursday, December 30, 2010

Allow me to unload on you...

I'm just going to type and clear some space in my mind. So if this gets boring, oh well. ;)

I've been sick for several days now. It's not the flu, just a pretty bad cold. I've even missed some work because of it and I freaking hate calling off work. I've been getting plenty of rest, lots of fluids, taking my medicine, eating soup; all the good stuff. I do sometimes miss being a little kid. Having someone take care of you when you're sick is awesome.

I've gotten 24 new followers on Twitter in the last 2 days. A few of them were bots, a few businesses but 15 of them were all real people. It's weird. I don't think I'm that interesting and honestly I mostly just tweet about hockey, sports in general, music sometimes and crap that annoys me. I think it's cool that I get so many followers and that so many people reply to stuff I say. I also get amused at some of the things people choose to retweet of mine. I posted this 5 days or so ago...

I hate the phrase FML. "Starbucks doesn't have the drink I wanted, FML!" Really, bc that's just the worst thing ever, right?! Oh the horror!"

And I had so many people retweeting it or quoting part of it. The cool thing about that is seeing how many people agree with something you say. Another funny part of that one specifically was the amount of people who I've seen saying "FML" over stupid shit that actually retweeted it also.

I really like gummy bears but I hate the gummy worms. I mean, they're essentially the same thing, right? Just a different shape. The worms feel more... dense. Not sure if that's the word I mean but I know what I mean. Maybe I just like the bears better because I feel more satisfaction from biting their little gummy heads off. Or something. :p

I totally appreciate how many people reached out to me over my post about my friend that's got the drug addiction. I got some really great comments, a couple nice DM's on Twitter and two really heart felt emails from two people in similar situations. Something I love about blogging is the interaction and finding people who understand what you're going through. I also like getting different insights and opinions on things, too. I'm a very social person in real life and I very much enjoy getting to know people online and sharing experiences, too. I just don't have as much free time for online interaction anymore.

I'm so bummed about not getting to go to the Stars/Canucks game on New Years Eve. I know it's a silly thing to be bummed about but I was really hoping we would get to go. I've never seen the Canucks and they're another team I need to tick off the list. My goal is to see every team in Dallas at least once. Some teams that's harder to achieve than others but I digress. I've seen Pittsburgh, Detroit, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Boston, Colorado, St. Louis, San Jose, Anaheim, Phoenix, Nashville, Minnesota, Columbus, Buffalo, New Jersey and the New York Islanders. I'm a little bit passed the halfway point but still have 13 teams I need to try and see, lol. I was hoping to add Vancouver to the list and knock that number down to 12. Maybe next time. ;)

YB's birthday is in 5 days. I can't believe my little brother is going to be 16 already. It seems like he was 5 not so long ago. Then again, that means in about 6 and 1/2 months, I'm going to be 26. Which is cool with me. I don't freak out about getting older. The only thing that annoys me is being 25 and still getting ID's for movies and such. I don't look 17 or 18, dammit. :p Though, if people keep thinking I'm 5+ years younger than I am, then I'm sure when I'm older I'll have an appreciation for people thinking I'm quite a bit younger than I really am.

One of my friends just got a Kindle and was offering to let me try it out. He thinks I need to get one. I can't afford one and also, I have no desire to have one. I LOVE BOOKS. I love to read. I like the smell of brand new books. I like the smell of fresh ink. I like the crack of a book that's never been opened before. I don't have an interest in digital versions of books. I don't get all the awesome things that go along with reading a book in a digital form. I might be a bit of a bibliophile... ;)

Two of my friends that have never met before met last night because they both stopped by to check on me since I haven't been feeling well. (My friends are awesome, btw ;D) Friend 1 then later was hanging about on Tumblr and found Friend 2's Tumblr through looking through my followers. Friend 1 then decided to dump 30 random questions into Friend 2's question box on Tumblr. In an attempt to get to know Friend 2 better. Some of the questions were...

"What would you save if you could save 5 items during a house fire? No worries about other people or pets, they all made it out already."

"If a purple chicken crossed the road in the snow, how many fried cupcakes are left in the barn?"

"Do you ever plan on having children? Why or why not?"

"What were you most afraid of as a child?"

"If a pink mushroom, a blue snake and a hot pink frog walked into a bar; how do you think people in the Church next door would react?"

And so on. A mix of good questions, dumb questions and completely ridiculous questions. Friend 2 was amused and a very good sport thus answering every question asked of him; ridiculous or otherwise. Friend 1 doesn't know it yet but when she logs on tomorrow, Friend 2 will have left her a shitload of good and equally ridiculous questions waiting for her. I like when people get along, though. So.. cool. :D

This reminds me. I really need to update the blog cast list, lol. I know some people hate nicknames but it's not my business to post my friend's and family member's real names on here. Just because I choose to blog and write about the people in my life at times doesn't mean I shouldn't respect their privacy. Be it by leaving out details about them to not using their real names, etc. I hate when people think that's being "chicken shit" because.... seriously? Fuck off. It's about being respectful of their privacy. I usually ask in the first place if it's okay to write about someone. I have a few friends that I'd love to share some stories about on here but since I asked and they said they would rather I didn't, I don't get to share those awesome stories I want to. Which is fine, I come up with enough stuff to write about anyway, lol. Just because I choose to write about myself and my life publicly doesn't mean I get free range to talk about everyone in my life, too. At least, that's my opinion on it.

I think that's enough rambling for me. Also, took Nyquil a little bit ago and now I'm getting super sleepy. (No, not at 7 AM, lol. I'm writing this at 1 AM but setting it to post at 7, lol.) And I just realized I got a cough drop out ten minutes ago and I've been holding it between my lips since then. Probably need to put it to work now, lol.

Happy Thursday!


Maggie said...

Bears over worms, easily.

Tim_D_Enchanter said...

I like the bears and worms equally. . . I feel like I get more gummi for my money with the worms, for some reason. . .

I feel ya about the seeing all the teams in Dallas thing. . . I'm down to only 4 or 5 teams left to see, though (Boston, Philly, Pittsburgh, and Montreal are the only ones I have left, I think). I'm planning on going to see the Flyers on Saturday, March 19th, so, that will help. . . I also plan on seeing one home game at every arena in the NHL. . . It's nice to dream, anyway. . .

Stealth said...

I am moving your way soon cookie :)

gimme your number again, I got a new phone.