Saturday, November 13, 2010

Work Tales...

Employee: Hey Boss, Ash, are we out of ranch dressing?

Me: Did you look in the cooler in the kitchen that has 4 huge jars of ranch dressing in waiting?

Employee: Waiting for what?

Me: There's more ranch in the cooler in the kitchen.

Employee: In which part of the cooler?

Me: Left.

Employee: Who?

Me: What?

Employee: Who left?

Me: No, left side of the cooler.

Employee: Oh, got ya.

* * * * *

Employee: Hey, we're out of 6 pans.

Me: We're out or there aren't any clean?

Employee: None are clean I guess. There's plenty in the sink in the dish tank.

Me: You should probably go get some dishes washed then.

Employee: I can do that, no problem.

(For the record, this instance has happened 3 times now.)

* * * * *

Customer: Ma'am? Do you charge for tap water?

Me: No ma'am, we do not.

Customer: Ok, how much is a glass of water?

Me: Free.

Customer: So, you don't charge for it then?

Me: No ma'am, we don't charge for cups of water.

Customer: What about bottled water that I put into a cup?

Me: We charge for bottled water and you can have the cup to put it in for free.

Customer: Well then I might as well just go with the tap water.

* * * * *

Phone call: Will y'all be carding people when they order alcohol?

Me: Most definitely.

Phone call: Seriously? Every time?

Me: Yes, every time.

Phone call: Well fuck, that's a bummer.

* * * * *

Employee: Do we have any more of the Ginger Brew?

Me: No, we got rid of the last of it a little over a month ago.

Employee: Oh. I don't pay attention I guess.

Me: Apparently not. Work on that.

Employee: I'm gonna get fired one of these days, huh?

* * * * *

Employee (to a customer doing a take out order): What kind of sauces do your kids want with their mini-calzones?

Customer: I don't know. I'm not even sure they like Italian food. I guess I'll find out. I knew I should have asked our nanny to handle picking up dinner. Surprise me, or them I guess, on the sauce choices because frankly
I have no idea what my kids like to eat.


That last one makes me more sad than any of the dumb ass shit other people have said. Sad and agitated, too. I can't imagine not knowing what my own kids (you know, if I had any) liked to eat.

Anyway, I won't go off on a rant here about that topic. Maybe I'll take that rant and make a post out of it. :D

If you haven't checked out the Toys for Tots Fundraiser I'm doing, DO SO! Please? Even if it's only $3 or $5, every dollar counts. :) Thanks so much to the people who have donated, tweeting the link on Twitter and to the people helping by pimping my post out on their blogs. I appreciate it. :D

Happy Saturday!


Hubman said...

That parent story is a sad commentary on how some people raise their kids.

I gotta ask, 3 dumb employee anecdotes, are they all from the same employee?

Another Suburban Mom said...

So it seems that one of your employees may soon be no more. Unless you can train them to not be a dumbass.

And yeah, the parent thing is sad.

phairhead said...

Holy shit! Yr restaurant totally needs to start utilizing corporal punishment against idiotic employees

Naughty Tashamber said...

Wow, some people. The one about the parent is terrible. I agree with you, in the fact that I could not imagine not knowing what foods my kids liked.

As for the tap water story, that would make an awesome entry to this one site called "Not Always Right" where it just proves the customer is not always right. :)

viemoira said...

The ignorance of the human race never ceases to amaze me. That last one though- prbly would have got me fired because I would have had some demeaning comment for the mother- that's just sad.

Anonymous said...

The tap water is a funny one! Some people are just dumb naturally I think. I also find it sad that some kids aren't raised by their parents but by nannies.

Hoochie Mama said...

Wow, just make you wonder... LOL!

I don't understand why some people bother having kids. There are so many people out there that would love kids and can't. It is sad.

nitebyrd said...

That last one is very sad.

Nice to know I'm not the only one that works with idiots!