Monday, November 8, 2010

Who wants to hear about my weekend?

My weekend? Sit back, this is going to get exciting.

Just kidding. :p

Friday: Worked. Got home around 2:45 AM.

Saturday: Worked. Got home around 1:30 AM.

Boring, right? Lol. That's how I usually spend Friday and Saturday so nothing new there. Ah, service industry. Funny thing happened Saturday. A wine distributor came in, drunk, and tried to pitch to me on why we should be clients of him. He was, aside from coming in drunk, totally unprofessional and disorganized. I declined without even talking to my boss about it first.

Sunday was good, though. That's my day off. I did some laundry in the morning time. Once I got that done, around 1:30 pm, I headed out to my Aunt's house. My mom, LS and YB are staying 90 minutes East of where I live with my Aunt. She has a nice little spot out in the country. The weather was great. 70's, clear skies and just beautiful. I put gas in the car, rolled down the windows, turned up the music and enjoyed the 90 minute drive out there.

Mom cooked a nice dinner. I haven't had anything home cooked from my mom in over a year so that was definitely nice. I went on a long walk with YB & LS. We played some War. We watched Toy Story . Then the four of us played a few games of Clue. Then it was midnight and I headed out to drive back to Dallas.

While on the walk with LS & YB earlier in the afternoon, I used my camera phone to snap a few pictures out there. :)

This one I got while standing in the driveway waiting for my brother & sister to get their shoes on so we could walk....:

This one is the view from the driveway with me facing toward the house....:

This one I got a little bit further down the road:

You can check out my Tumblr and Twitter for a couple more, if you want.

Also, thanks to the couple people that have posted about my Toys for Tots fundraiser on their blogs. :) Rayne (she is also doing her own fundraiser, too :D), Veronica, Osbasso and the wonderful Nic all made mention of it on their blogs. Nitebyrd not only posted about it but also put up a donation button for me on top of her blog. Thanks y'all, I appreciate the help! (If you posted about it on your blog and I didn't link you, let me know and I'll add you in there! Or if you plan on doing that, just let me know so I can mention your help in a future post.) Also thanks to anyone who has retweeted one of my many tweets on Twitter about it. :D And even more so, thank you to everyone who has donated something so far. I've had people donate as little as $2 and on up. Of course, I'm still taking donations and will be until mid December. That gives you plenty of time to donate a few dollars if you feel so inclined. I'm excited about getting to go shopping for toys again this year. :D

That does it. Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Happy Monday!


Nic said...

You're welcome.

I hope to get all my Xmas shopping done within a few weeks. If I've got something more to spare I'll donate another few dollars.

Christines said...

how is your monday tuesday

Joker_SATX said...

Yeah, I caught this act on Twitter and your Tumblr page. It must have been a nice walk...fresh air....

The view was great!