Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pictures & stuff...

On Halloween, I usually have to work. No biggie, I tend to work jobs where I work that night and can still dress up thus making it still fun in a lot of ways.

This year, I had Halloween off.

Saturday, the 30th, I didn't go to any Halloween parties or festivities. My mom's birthday was Wednesday and since we were all going to the Stars/Sabres game Saturday with the free tickets I talked about already, we agreed we would celebrate her birthday on Saturday to save them an additional trip up to Dallas. (They're staying about 90 minutes away from where I love for now.)

We went to lunch at one of my mom's favorite restaurants mid-afternoon Saturday. Then we went to the Galleria mall in Dallas to do some shopping and looking around. Then it was time for the Stars game. The game was fucking great. Not just because the Stars won 4-0, shutting out the Sabres. They also just played a good game and we had a fun time. There was also birthday cake and presents, too. My boyfriend made my mom red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I decorated it with red and purple stuff. I even set up a little table with confetti and decorations that I made. My mom said it was one of the best birthday celebrations she's had in a while so that made me happy.

Back to Halloween now. :D I had Halloween off which surprised me. I assumed since I requested Saturday off, I'd have to work Sunday but my boss (in one of his few cool moments) let me have that Sunday off, too. Sunday tends to be my day off anyway so woohoo.

I didn't buy a costume because I didn't have the money to spend on it. So, I opted to do like I have the last few years and just throw together something with stuff I already have. Clever, I know. Lol.

That is my eye makeup. :)

I forgot to get a picture of my lips but I did them lined in black then did half red half blue lipstick and topped it with a clear gloss so it was shiny. In this pic, I hadn't yet done my lips yet because I was waiting on my friend to bring me the colored lipsticks.

I wore:

The black and red feather boa you see in the picture.
A red Ian Kinsler (Texas Rangers) jersey t-shirt.
A long sleeved purple plaid shirt that has teal and green in it as well.
Dark blue jeans.
Grey cotton gym shorts.
An orange and brown striped cotton scarf.
A black bandanna with neon colored stars.
Devil horns on my head.
One totally black DC skate shoe.
One neon colored flip flop.

The plaid shirt, I wore one sleeve as it should be with it buttoned properly at the wrist. The other sleeve I had rolled up to my elbow. The bandanna was wrapped around the wrist and forearm of the arm that had the rolled up sleeve.

I wore the grey cotton gym shorts on the outsides of my jeans.

I had the cotton scarf wrapped around one of my knees and tied in a pretty bow.

The foot that had the neon colored flip flop, I also wore a purple and black plaid sock on that foot.

Devil horns were on my head.

I wore the feather boa all night.

My costume? A fashion disaster, lol. I had people asking me all night what I was supposed to be. Most laughed and said I'd done good when I told them what I was. I don't have a camera but The Lawyer was taking pictures all night so he got some good ones.

After going out, we (myself, The Lawyer & Girl) went back to my place. We had tacos and watched a movie while hanging out. It was a pretty laid back Halloween (and the first Halloween I didn't drink on in years) but I had fun hanging out with some friends.


This reminds me.... I need to update the cast list on the blog because I've made tweets mentioning The Lawyer, Girl and some other people and then I have people inquiring about who and what I'm talking about because I haven't updated the list since I made it, lol.

If you haven't already, make sure you check out the Toys for Tots post. I'm taking donations until December so there's still plenty of time to donate a few dollars for a great cause. :)

Happy Tuesday!


K & J said...

Love the make up and your costume sounds VERY HOT!!!
Glad the Stars game was a good time to. I'm not into Hockey like your are but I've been to a couple of Bruins games this season and it's
been fun.
Glad you had a nice weekend.

GoodWill said...

Very cool, love the eye makeup. Glad you had a good Halloween!