Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hockey, erotic photography, etc...

Saw this billboard......

....along a highway in Dallas when I was hanging out with my family Sunday. It's a Dallas Stars thing, as the right hand corner states. The 14 in the left corner is the number of a badass young man by the name of Jamie Benn. He's a hell of a player and I think he's only going to get better as he progresses and matures. "Bennscorin'" is a pretty damn clever play on words if you ask me. I like it anyway, haha.

The Stars play tonight and I actually have the night off from work. Which kind of sucks because I like working on game nights. We have the game on at work usually so I get to see a good portion of it while I work. We don't have cable or anything at home so I won't get to see it unless I watch a crappy internet feed assuming I find one.

I really enjoy Tumblr. A lot of people I know that use it don't follow me which is fine. Most of the people I know from blogger land use it for porn, erotic photos, sexy stuff, nudity and things along those lines. I don't use mine for that and I follow very few who do post those things. Seeing it day after day in huge waves pretty much kills it for me. It loses a lot of the appeal when you're bombarded with it. It kind of becomes something normal and almost mundane. The senses get kind of dull and it's less exciting. So, when I do see the occasional naughty thing on my Tumblr dash? It's a lot better than when I was seeing it daily and multiple times over. I'm just speaking for myself here, though. :)

More awesomeness from my Tumblr:

Also, if you missed yesterday's post... Please go check it out. I kicked off the Toys for Tots shopping by doing some late night shopping. There are a couple pictures there if you want to see what I got. And of course, there's still plenty of time to donate. :)

Happy Tuesday!

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AFare24Get said...

Excellent posting. And I'll be dropping some things off here in San Antonio to the Marines when I can, meaning after I get paid.