Monday, November 29, 2010

Good news & more!

Thank you to the people that have donated something to the Toys for Tots fundraiser. If you haven't and want to, there's still time to get a donation in! :) Every little bit helps. $3 or $5 isn't much but it will buy something. The post stuck on the top of the blog is updated with pictures of the toys I went and got with my money and a little detail on what I spent and how much the items cost. It really doesn't take much. :) And if you don't donate to my fundraiser, it's never too late to find a good cause and do a little good for someone else. :)

I'm not feeling so well today. Actually, the last few days I haven't been feeling so well but I've been taking some stuff so hopefully that helps combat this cold or whatever the fuck it is.

I have some good news from the work front. I'm a supervisor now. I'm also going to be coordinating events and helping with promotions and marketing. Yes, that comes with more pay. I wouldn't take on more work and responsibility without getting paid more. That would be dumb. Also on the good news front, the Boyfriend and I should be able to move out and back into our own place sometime in January. Hopefully. I cannot wait. I miss having my own place and I seriously dislike so much about my living situation currently. I can hang another month or two. :D Also, I'm thinking I might have things in order enough to start classes back up next Spring. I just have to keep doing what I'm doing. And keep being patient, which isn't always easy for me, lol.

The Stars play the Carolina Hurricanes tonight. They have won the last 3 (one against the Senators and 2 against the Blues) games they've played so hopefully they keep the winning streak alive and beat the Canes tonight. Which reminds me! I had to go in to Wal-Mart a few nights ago after work. I went to the one right by my job instead of waiting and going to the one closer to my house. The one close to work is in a nicer neighborhood, lol. I digress. I live in Dallas. I was walking by the clothes section on my way to a different section and some Stars pajamas caught my eye. I went to look and you know what else I saw?

Canes pajama bottoms in a Dallas Wal-Mart? WTF? And it's not like they had other teams besides the Stars and the Canes bottoms. The Stars bottoms make total sense. The Canes? Don't get it. They also have Cowboys, Mavs and Longhorns apparel over there, too. Which made sense since they're all Texas teams. Canes bottoms made me chuckle and shake my head. I posted it on Tumblr and amused several people there. Maybe there's a huge secret Canes following in North Dallas? Doubtful. The Wal-Mart by my house doesn't have any Canes bottoms or any apparel by non-Texas teams. Anyway, back to the game tonight. Dallas is currently in FIRST place in the Pacific Division. Third place in the Western Conference. And 11th overall in the league. Kickass. It's so close in points, though. Also, still early in the season and too early to be getting excited about that. They just need to keep winning and keep stacking the points on. Sounds like a good idea to me. GO STARS!

Moving on.

This made me chuckle....

I love the "Won't Mom be so proud?" bit at the end. Awesomeness.

I know I have some e-mails to tend to. If you're waiting on a reply from me for something or have e-mailed me recently, I'll get to it soon. I had a crazy busy weekend and this week is shaping up to be pretty damn busy, too. :) Which is great. I love being busy and having a lot to do.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a good weekend!

Happy Monday!


phairhead said...

Congrats on the promotion!

nitebyrd said...

YAY! Congratulations on your promotion!

Another Suburban Mom said...

Congratulations on the promotion and raise. You totes deserve it.

Also, I mentioned your Toys for Tots drive on my blog today.