Monday, November 22, 2010


Last week was ROUGH. Mentally, emotionally,draining, stressful, blah blah blah. Just rough, all the way around. Here's hoping this week is better. :)

The Stars play the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight, in Toronto. They're having a rough time winning games on the road. If this happens to be the case for tonight's game, that might just make me sad, lol. I'm not saying the Leafs suck mind you, just that, you know, my Stars are better. :D

I'll be at work during the game but eh, what else is new? I'm always at work. Even yesterday (Sunday's are my day off) I ended up working an extra shift. It's not like my boss just tacked it on me. I did offer to pick it up since there was a need. And I need the money. On the way there, I was wishing I had just turned it down. It wasn't a very long shift anyway and I should have just enjoyed getting a night off and used it relaxing. And doing laundry, cleaning and all the other stuff I don't ever have time to do that all need doing, lol. So, my next day off is Thanksgiving. At least I get that day off. The Boyfriend has to work, so... yeah. Suckage.

The day after Thanksgiving is Little Sister's birthday. Friday she'll be 20. I seriously can't believe she's turning 20. That's insane, I swear she was just turning 13. Or some such much younger number than that, lol.

I got some awesome (and warm) fuzzy socks. Three pairs for $3. I do love me some socks, especially cozy ones for a good price. I have so many pairs of socks. I love socks and hats like so many woman love shoes I guess. I have less than 5 pairs of shoes. I have more than 30 hats and I don't even know how many pairs of socks. The fuzzy, super comfy ones I'm wearing right now are purple and baby blue striped. Look at all this color that's seeped into my wardrobe in the last year. Okay, so mainly I've let a little purple, blue and red into my mostly black wardrobe but whatever; it's a start. ;)

If you haven't yet and want to, there's still plenty of time to donate to the Toys for Tots Fundraiser. :) I've updated the post stuck on top of the blog with the link of a newer post wherein I took some pictures of some of the toys I went and got already. Check it out and remember, every few dollars really does help. :)

BAWLS energy drink is 1) fun to say because well, BAWLS! And 2) possibly the most delicious tasting energy drink ever because it doesn't taste like an energy drink. :)

I'm done rambling now, heh.

Enjoy some Nightwish. :)



K & J said...

Hi Ashley...I think the Bruins are the opposite up here where they can't win at home. I believe they have more road wins.
The warm fuzzy socks sound cute. Though unlike you I'm hardly ever in socks. I only wear them with sneakers which I don't wear to often. Most of the time I'm in heels and socks don't go to well with them :) I'm usually in nylons for barefoot.
I never heard of BAWLS before until Jess bought a case online. I agree with you though. Taste great and not like the typical energy drink.
Well hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Spring Flower said...

Oh, but the Leafs suck (even if they managed to win last night)!!!!