Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Aw, you're in love! Let me go throw up now.

On Facebook and Twitter, I notice things like this:

"My girlfriend brought me a Red Bull up to work on her way home from work. She's so thoughtful, I'm lucky. Yeah ok, stop rolling your eyes at the screen now."

"My husband is so sweet, he got me flowers and my favorite drink from Starbucks this afternoon for no reason. Yes I know, we're one of those sticky sweet disgusting couples and we don't care."

"My boyfriend is cooking me dinner tonight yay! So sweet. I'm going to make him cookies tomorrow. Totally vomit inducing from the cute, I know."

And then the statuses that are just like that without the insult added to them.

"Amy made me my fave breakfast this morning. I love her."

Followed by comments like:

"You guys are disgustingly sweet. *puke*"

And it got me thinking....

Sure, when the person is constantly like "omg so in love" and "my significant other is so amazing" every single day; it does get a little annoying. It gets old. You're happy, you have a wonderful person in you're like, etc. No need to boast about it multiple times a day, every day. The over the top people that are completely obnoxious aren't what I'm talking about, though. (And even so, who cares? Ignore it if it chaps your ass that bad.)

There's nothing wrong with doing it from time to time. Sometimes my boyfriend does something particularly sweet and I want to share it.

Like the other day for example. We don't see each other much because our schedules are so opposite and we don't have the same nights off. I live with him and hardly spend any time with him. He got home the other day around 5:30 am from work. He had breakfast for me. A Belgian waffle and strawberry creamcheese*. Which was awesome and totally thoughtful of him. I ate and he promptly passed out after I was done and we had chatted a while.

My point is, why would people rather see you posting/tweeting about negativity and drama over being happy and love? That annoys me more than the lovey dovey people and their daily posts of sweetness. What does it say about a person when they would rather see a posting about drama or something negative over something sweet?

Sure, it can get annoying. Sure, if you're single it can make you feel bad, lonely, etc. But to be rude about it? To get unhappy or nauseated over a friend, family member, aquintaces, etc happiness seems silly.

I guess I just hate that as a general rule, the bad things tend to get more attention. The bullshit in light gets focused on more. I'd rather see someone post about they're girlfriend/boyfriend/etc being awesome once daily over someone whining for the 569th time about how their boss is an asshole or how much they hate their job or about how tired they are of someone something etc.

I don't have a problem with people using social media to bitch, either. I do it. I think we all do. I'm not saying you shouldn't use it to bitch. Go for it if you need to.

If you're just giving a friend some good natured ribbing about their "vomit inducing" status; fine I guess. I just hate seeing people preclude their updates with "yes, we know we're gross" because they know it's coming anyway.

I also just don't get why people get so put out with the love and happiness updates and tweets. I always figure if something really bothers me enough, I can just ignore it. It's not that hard to do and it works pretty well. Easy and effective? Win.

*I eat my waffles with creamcheese over butter and syrup. Strawberry creamcheese is my favorite to use on waffles. :)

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Talking about the love you share with another is a wonderful thing.

sarahbear said...

Misery loves company.

I think I've seen someone comment on a post the opposite of this one with something like 'I hate seeing people always talking about how happy they are. If they were really that happy, they wouldn't have to post about it all the time.' The people it bothers are probably jealous and bitter.

I'm with you. I don't mind a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly, but it annoys me a LOT more to see someone consistently bitching and moaning about the same shit every day. Particularly when it's something they have the power to change. I'd much rather see sappy sweet couples talking about how much they appreciate each other. I feel like we don't tell each other that stuff enough!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a bigger issue of how social media has created a bunch of narcissistic exhibitionists who think their friends of followers actually care about every bit of their life, but in terms of praising sweet things, I suppose it's okay every now and then.

I've seen passive-aggressive fights be played out via status updates and Facebook is definitely not the place for that, so I'm not sure it's the place for sharing and publicizing other intimate parts of your relationship either. Whatever happened to just talking to your significant other, whether it's "hey, you did this and it upset me," or "you are so wonderful and I am so glad you are in my life"?

What really gets me is the unprompted updates about how much so and so loves his or her significant other or can't survive without him or her.

I had a friend who just a few months ago had all these negative posts...men suck and blah blah blah, and now all of the sudden she has a boyfriend and seriously her last post was "Yay, B is almost done playing Halo so now he will come to bed and I can sleep." There are so many things wrong with that, I didn't know where to start, so I just hid her from my feed, I couldn't handle it anymore!

Anonymous said...

I agree, it's nice to read sweet things. But everyday? Why do people need to say every little thing they do on the internet? What is the goal? I agree with emjaye, people are self-centered. I have a cousin who posts his heart rate. How useless is it? Do I care that your lovely wife made you scalloped potatoes? Invite me over so I can taste them instead!

Autumn said...

i don't take issue (as a single woman) to the gushy loves. i feel genuinely happy for people who appreciate and love their partners. so much nicer to hear than nasty, negative things about relationships for sure. on my own status, i often leave it blank on facebook unless i've got something i really am excited/happy about. i try not to spread my drama around. their is a time and place for everything, of course, and sometimes i do vent. you are so right...it seems many people thrive on that drama instead of embracing the more positive thoughts being shared.

Autumn said...

ummm horrible grammer there. didn't preview. meant to say that i don't take issue with gushy loves.

GrrlTragic said...

I eat mine with a heavy smear of plain cream cheese and then dollops of strawberry preserves on top ♥ also, omg I am SOOOO in love, you can't even imagine! ;-)

Joanna Cake said...

It's almost as if we have to feel guilty for being happy but then look at the role models we have in the tv soaps. No one is ever happily in a relationship for every long. And, as the general public, perhaps that perception pervades our outlook so that we almost cant bear to see couples who are in love and want to talk about it.

Personally, I think it's wonderful to read about couples doing nice things for each other.

Perhaps if there were more posts like that, we would start to understand that not al relationships are mundane drudgery destined to end in divorce of separation.

Maybe it would remind those of us who do co-exist unhappily on a daily basis that there is something better out there.

Rockin' with a Cock in said...

I'm on the side of "If it bothers you, ignore it / block it / remove it." That seems pretty simple. I totally agree that we need more positive things in our lives and that people feed off of negativity in scary ways sometimes. I don't post "omg vomit you're gross" comments/replies to anyone.

All that said, I also like the site http://www.stfucouples.com/ .