Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh, hi...

I don't work until late in the morning but I had to get up at 6 AM anyway. Car is fucked so I had to get up with the boyfriend so we could drive to his job and then I could take his car to my job. Then since I'm only working a short shift, I'll be off in time to pick him up when he's off. We'll be doing this until the other car can be fixed. We both work too far away from work to walk & public transit isn't an option since we live right outside of Dallas currently. Seriously, can't wait until we can move back out on our own. :)

On the plus side, he did buy me breakfast this morning. Mmm.

Also, tonight is the Dallas Stars home opener!!! Against the Detroit Red Wings. And we got tickets! (Over a month ago, actually lol) In pretty good seats, too. I'm so flipping excited. :) I'm hoping my shift at work goes by quickly. It'll be the first game ever that I'll have to watch my favorite hockey player play against us. It's going to be so weird seeing Modano in a Red Wings jersey. It's odd seeing it in pictures. In person, on the ice, against us? Weirdness. Even though I want my Stars to kick ass tonight, I so can't promise I won't be happy if Month happens to score a goal against us. He's been my favorite player since I was 9 years old. No way can I hate on him, even if he does play for the Red Wings now.


It's around 63 outside right now. It feels pretty nice. My perfect weather is around 70 but I'll take something in the 60's over it being in the 90's any damn day!

People always get really surprised when they find out I like some country music. I don't "look like" I'd listen to it, apparently. It always amuses me to see people trying to guess the kind of music a person likes by the way they look.

I went somewhere with my mom and two younger siblings last night. A show at a nice little theater in Dallas. They were doing wristbands and the guy was going to give me an under 21 band. I wasn't drinking in the first place since I'm currently not doing any boozing anyway but still. My mom laughed and told the guy I was 25. He checked my ID and laughed. I shrugged and said I was used to it, I get my ID checked all the fucking time. He grinned and said, "well of course you do with that baby face!" Bah. I don't think I look that young, dammit. :p A lady in line told me to enjoy it and hope that people always think I'm younger than I am. I replied that I know, that way when I'm 80 people will be all, "oh honey you don't look a day over 75!" Seems silly to me now since I don't get hung up on age or getting older. Maybe when I'm 80 I'll feel differently, haha.

Which reminds me.... Most of the people I work with thought I was 19-21. I agree I look young but hello, 25 isn't old in my opinion. I don't think I look like a teenager, though. *shrug*

Okay, that's all I have I guess. I'm typing this out on my blackberry so I have something to do. Killing time at the boyfriend's office before I have to head down to my job. Fun times, heh.

Happy Thursday!!!

Go Stars!!!!!! :D
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Kara & Jessica said...

I bet in 20 years you won't be complaining if people think you look like your in your 20's LOL.
I'm 21 and Jess is 25 and we still get carded for rated R movies at the movie theater. Kara XOXO

Another Suburban Mom said...

You do look like a teenager. But I was in your shoes once, and now that I am going to be 39, I am grateful.

Bella said...

Hello hockey! I'll be going to a Preds game this week, I usually make a few games per season.

And you do look young but that's a good thing! But I can see how it could get annoying.