Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The ballpark & a birthday....

Today is my mom's birthday. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Thanks for all that you do and have done. I'm working tonight but I have Saturday free to spend with my mom to celebrate her birthday since I couldn't get tonight off. We're going to lunch and going to the Stars/Sabres game (my family loves sports too you know :D) that evening and I'm not sure what else if anything will be going on but that will get figured out. :D

Also today?


They're facing the San Francisco Giants.

This is so fucking awesome. :)

I'm so jealous of the few people I know that are going to get to go to one of the games. I actually made it out to the Ballpark to see three baseball games this season. With my schedule and finances, that's awesome. I'd fucking love to go to a World Series game to see my team play, though. How cool would that be?

Have any of you ever gone to a major game to see your team play? World Series, Stanley Cup, etc.

I've been to tons of regular season games for both the Stars and the Rangers through out the years. I've gone to several Stars games during their playoff efforts.

I've never gone to see a Mavericks game. Yet. I need to find some basketball fans so I have someone to go with since none of my friends or boyfriend can stand to watch basketball and I really don't want to go to a game alone. I need someone to enjoy it with me. ;)

And the Cowboys, well, I've never been a big enough Cowboys fan to care about going to the games.

Some of my best memories as a little kid were getting to go to Rangers games with my family. My dad worked so much, we didn't see him or do fun stuff very often with him. He was always at work or doing something for work and really just not around too much. It always made doing stuff with him seem extra special because it didn't happen all the time. Going to baseball games with my family was one of those times we all did something together and it was fun. I remember always hoping to catch a ball, be it a home run or a foul ball, as it came slicing it's way through the air into the seats. Watching everyone destroy bags of peanuts and feeling sorry for the workers that would have to clean up all those shells. My parents letting us get the little ice cream sundaes that came in the Rangers batting helmet.
Those are so rad. Yes, are, not were. They still do that and I still think they're awesome. :D

Watching baseball always makes me miss playing. That was also another favorite part of my youth. I played for years and I was pretty good, if I do say so myself. I don't miss playing in tournaments where we played 8 games or more in a single day. In July. In that fucking Texas heat. Even with that, tournaments were still fun as hell. I still like to play catch and hit the batting cages when I have the time to do so. Batting was always my favorite part of the game. I remember the first time I knocked a ball over the fence. I've loved the sound of the ball connecting with the bat ever since that day. That crack is such a happy sound for me.

I do love hockey more than baseball which is why I tend to talk about it more. Baseball always will be my second love in sports, though. I love the game and I have so many happy memories of playing and watching. And this season for the Rangers so far has added a shitload more to the good stuff in sports memory bank. ;)

Happy Wednesday!

Go Rangers!!!! :D


Sarah said...

Happy birthday, Ashly's Mom :)

I've only been to one professional baseball game in my life. It was OK but I'd much rather go see hockey or football.

Another Suburban Mom said...

As sad as I am about the Yankees not being at the World Series, I am glad that you are enjoying the Rangers so much.

Joker_SATX said...

I was the biggest Rangers fan on the planet the game they beat the Yankees! Kudos to them!

Scott said...

Saw the Rangers play Sat. night and then the Cowboys Sunday. Awesome weekend!!!