Saturday, September 11, 2010


My friend uploaded this to her Facebook and then tagged a bunch of people to it. I like it enough that I wanted to post it on my blog. Obviously, eh? So, enjoy. :)

And yes, I know it's not always so cut and dry/black and white but I like the basic principle here. I get so tired of people bitching and moaning about things and yet never even attempting to try and do anything about them.

Have a great weekend.


Hubman said...

I love that graphic!

Have a good weekend!

Freya_Sex_Goddess said...

No, it is sooo true. And it is cut and dry. Its very simple. It is not always easy though. But everything that is simple isn't easy, and everything that is easy isn't simple.

Spring Flower said...

Sometimes we need simple and basic to hit us in the face. I like that pic and I'll use it. Cheers :)

Emmy said...

I actually just said something very similar to a friend of mine. I asked how he expected to get what he wanted if he kept doing the same thing over and over and over again with the same result. Must change something to get a different outcome. It IS really that simple. :)

Anonymous said...

I seldom leave comments on blogs, but you really impress me, also I have a few questions like to ask, what's your contact details?


Ashly Star said...

Hubman: thanks, you too!

Freya: Exactly!

Spring Flower: So true. Glad you liked it.

Emmy: Oh how frustrating. Hopefully he gets it together, heh.

Anon: My contact email is- amorousrocker @ gmail . com

andrew deighton said...

can i please use this picture on my facebook if you say no I'll understand thank you

Ashly Star said...

Andrew, go for it!