Monday, September 27, 2010

Sports, judgmental people, etc...

On Saturday, I ended up having the morning off from work and went to the Open House they were having for the Stars at the American Airlines Center. I went with The Boyfriend and three of our hockey loving friends. We got free tickets to the game on Thursday night against Colorado. I was kind of bummed because I have to have a week's notice to request time off. Thursday, I usually work a split shift from 10 am - 3 pm then 4 pm to 10 pm or something like that. The hours vary but I work a split shift that gets me there in the morning and has me leaving at 10 PM or later. I get to work Saturday night and check my schedule for the week. I have Thursday night off. I have to work my split shift that I normally work on Thursday's on Friday and I close Saturday so I'll spend all weekend at work basically. BUT AT LEAST I HAVE THURSDAY NIGHT OFF SO I CAN GO TO THE GAME! I have to open Thursday and then leave at 4-ish. The game's at 7:30 so I get off in plenty of time. Woohoo! I'm excited. Still a preseason game but I don't even care. GO STARS!!! :D If you want to see a few pictures from the Open House practice, check my Tumblr out. I still have more (better ones) to post on there but there are a few up now.

I love having a Pandora app on my phone but sometimes, I wish certain bands/singers would stop popping up on there. If I thumbs down an artist X amount of times, they should just stop popping up. Not that I mind really, I'm just saying it would be cool if the app were able to do that. Or if I could totally block an artist/band from popping up that would be cool, too. You can bookmark stuff you like, why not be able to block stuff you hate? Just a thought. :)

Yesterday, it was 75 outside during the day. Partly cloudy, blue skies, pleasant breeze. Abso-fucking-lutely amazing weather compared to the summer we've had. Or, you know, compared the how it was the day before. ;) I love weather like that. I'm hoping it stays like that. I'm so ready for some cooler temperatures and more enjoyable weather. The Boyfriend and I had errands to run so we did that and had a late lunch at Chipotle. It felt so good we ate outside on the patio, which is something The Boyfriend rarely ever wants to do because he gets hot so easily. The Chipotle we ate at has a disco ball hanging from one of the trees out on their patio. That picture's on my Tumblr page, too, lol. Also? I love having a Tumblr app on my phone. :D

It's ironic how people who like to yell, "OMG DON'T JUDGE ME!" tend to be more judgmental than the people they're accusing of being judgmental. Yet, they don't seem to think their "constructive criticism" is being judgmental. They're just trying to help, you see. Or they're just making harmless jokes about people and things they don't really know or understand. So, it's different. Yeah... not really.

I get to see my mom and two youngest siblings at some point this week. It's been like a year since I've seen them which is the longest I've ever been away from them before. I miss them and can't wait to see them. My brother did some of that growing up stuff and is now apparently going to be taller than I am. Which might be strange for a minute, lol. And I'm not sure what color hair my sister is currently rocking. I get along so well with both of them. I'm also excited to have them go to the Stars game with me and the Boyfriend and out friends Thursday. My youngest two siblings and also my mom all love hockey too.

Speaking of hockey ( I did my first NHL Fantasy Draft yesterday. White Nebula invited me to join her fantasy hockey league so I went for it. It took two hours but it didn't seem like that long. Possibly because I was getting some work/writing done while I was drafting players. It was pretty fun actually! You know, minus the fact that people kept stealing the players I wanted, haha. Then again, I was taking players other people wanted so all is fair in drafting. ;) I might post my fantasy roster on here sometime soon. Maybe...

I think that's enough rambling for today. I have to be at work soon, lol. Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Happy Monday! Xo

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Sarah said...

Have a most wonderful time at the hockey game. A hard working chick like you deserves a day off! :)