Monday, September 20, 2010

Raining on Sunday...

I had a blogger/Twitter person send me Direct Messages on Twitter yesterday wanting to argue with me about something. She tweeted something and since I wasn't busy yesterday, I saw it and wanted to wish her luck in dealing with her crappy situation. She replied back with something snarky which ended up pissing me off. Basically it was a few comments about how it was nice of me to take time out of my busy life and acknowledge her.

I work 6 days a week. I don't work 9-5. I work double shifts most days. I work 11 am to 2 or 3 pm and then I have an hour or two off for a lunch break. I don't live close enough to go home so I grab lunch and then read a book while I waste the break time. Then I usually work 4 pm to close or 5 pm to close. So literally, I spend the whole day at work most days and I don't work a job where I'm at a desk on a computer. I'm on my feet and dealing with customers face to face the majority of the time. That doesn't leave me much free time for my real life and the people in it much less time to go check blogs and keep up with everyone on Twitter. The free time I do have, I'd rather spend with my boyfriend or friends or doing laundry or getting some errands done.

I didn't feel a need to defend myself against her snark so, I didn't. Which got me a few more messages from her getting more irritated because I wouldn't engage her in a silly argument online and wouldn't apologize for not being able to get online every to read her blog and tweets. So, she threatened to unfollow me and quit reading my blog. I told her to go for it.

Also, if you get annoyed by people talking about sports a lot, you probably shouldn't follow my blog or follow me on Twitter. I'm not going to get my feelings hurt over someone unfollowing my blog or my Twitter and I'm not going to make a big production out of it because I really don't care.

Anyway, lets hit some positives.

October 14th is the Stars home opener! We're more than halfway through September. I cannot wait for hockey season to get going. Training camp started over the weekend. I'm so ready for it. Baseball's great but in terms of sports, nothing beats hockey for me. :D I am excited about how well the Rangers have been doing this season, though. That's so nice to see. I'm hoping they keep on doing well and do great in the playoffs.

The Stars have some games before the 14th but that's the first home game. Which I was going to be very sad if I didn't get to go to, lol. One of my friends have a "we're doomed" attitude about the Stars this season. I'm kind of excited to see how it goes. We have some new players, Modano and Turco are gone, they're rebuilding as a team and I'm unsure how I feel about the direction it's all going. Even if seeing Modano (who has been my favorite player since I was 9) play for another team is going to suck, I'm still looking forward to the changes the team has made and hoping they will turn out to be good changes.

Lastly, a video of the musical variety. I know a lot of people dislike country so if you're one of them? Don't play this one, lol. I like country and I love Keith Urban. The actual video to this song is here but the embedding is disabled so instead of messing around with it, I just found one with the song on there. If you like the song, go watch the video. I love it. This song? Perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday (or any day...;D), raining or not. :)

Happy Monday!


thebsideofme said...

omg that is a crazy situation! i am so very sorry that happened to you!

Bat said...

The only thing worse than seening your favorite player on another team is seeing him playing for the evil empire! I feel your pain.

viemoira said...

I've learned in my experience that you can have many acquaintances but few friends that mean more; the difference is that friends realize life happens and rather than bitch about not having your time, they can pick up with you right where you left off.

Josh said...

The Stars will be OK this year. With a little luck they will end up 7th or 8th in the West. Until the team is sold, mediocrity is on tap. Living in Houston, we try to get up for a couple of games a year.

Seeing Modano in a Wings jersey is going to suck ass.