Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Miscellany like whoa....

I closed last night at work and have to be back by 10 AM to work a double shift. 10-3 and then 4-10. Yeehaw. Last night was mostly slow but there were some parts that were busy. One right before close. Drunk customers can be amusing and wonderful. They can also be a pain in the ass and obnoxious. So, the last part of my night was stressful and I don't stress easily. The weather has been cooling off to he mid-80's here the last few nights. Which is so much nicer than it being 90-something and humid as hell. Something that always chills me out is rolling the windows down and rocking the fuck out while I drive home. Something about the fresh air hitting me, rolling through the car, speeding down the highway with some really great metal going just flat out relaxes me. It's one of the best ways for me to de-stress when I need to. So last night, I rolled the windows down and did just that. It was a great drive home and I felt cheerful by the time I pulled into the driveway. Also, tired. So very tired, lol.

One of my awesome friends came up to my job last night to eat. He brought me steamed rice and orange chicken from a Chinese place because I've been craving orange chicken like crazy lately. Then I got busy after two bites of it and didn't get to eat the rest for a couple hours. Lucky for me, I don't mind if my food isn't steaming hot. For the most part. Some things, I can't eat if they're not warm. The orange chicken was sooo good. I got a fortune cookie with a blank fortune, though. I was so disappointed. I rarely get fortune cookies so when I do, I want to be amused or roll my eyes at whatever sage advice or fantastic prediction I'm getting. FAIL.

BOY MEETS WORLD seasons are out on DVD. I LOVE THAT SHOW. Seasons 1-3 are the ones out right now. I need to acquire all three of them. Yes, need. I don't watch a lot of TV so I don't own a lot of TV shows on DVD. I have Will & Grace, House, Big Bang Theory and some Family Guy. Now, I need some Boy Meets World. :D

My toes have been cramping lately. I'm not sure what's going on there or why it's happening. It feels really awkward when it happens, though. I wish it would stop. That would be great.

HOCKEY SEASON STARTS SOON!! I know y'all have missed reading my posts about hockey related stuff. :p Of course, I could talk about the Rangers right now but the way they have played the last few games hasn't made me want to write anything on them, lol. I hope they get their groove back soon. Oh and people should stop injuring themselves. That, would be all kinds of fantastic.

I know these random posts where I just ramble about shit don't get a lot of comments but I don't care. I love doing these posts. I write my blog for me and just get happy that other people happen to, at times, enjoy my rambling. These posts are great for me because I can just ramble about boring stuff on my mind and get it out there so I can stop having it float around in my head space taking up valuable room that other things are waiting to take over. :p

I should definitely be sleeping since I have to be up for work in 6 hours. Why am I still awake? I was exhausted earlier and now I'm just feeling a bit wired. Ah well. I'm sure once I lay down and put on some Opeth I'll be lulled right into a nice sleep. Hopefully. Opeth is great "lulled to sleep" music for me, though. Depending on the album. :)

Happy Tuesday!


phairhead said...

i love yr rambling posts!

Daniel said...

'Damnation' - lulled to sleep... 'Deliverance' - not so much!

Have you heard The Green Carnation?


Ashly Star said...

Thanks phair! :)

Exactly! ;) Damnation is what I had in last night, lol.
And yes, yes I have! :)

GoodWill said...

Definitely enjoy the random ramblings.

And I didn't love Boy Meets World...I did like it. But I *loved* Topanga. Haha...me and every other similarly-aged guy around that time!

Beth said...

Eat more bananas to help with cramping--or other food with potassium. :D DFTBA

viemoira said...

Perhaps the blank fortune was to signify that you should make your very own fortune- blank could mean endless possibilities! :)

Anonymous said...

I take 1000mg of potassium a day and do yoga to help prevent cramping...or you could eat a banana and get a massage...either way.

Love the drive home/windows down/metal at full bore comment...I do the same, singing at the top of my lungs..I am a rock star in my Jeep at night!