Friday, September 17, 2010

A dozen....

I saw this on Veronica's blog and liked the questions. Since I'm mentally drained and sleepy as hell, I decided I'd rather post these fun questions over trying to write anything else. Mainly because I wanted to write something but I just can't articulate anything I want to write about. Anyway, on with the questions. :)

1. Do you do garage sales? If so, tell me about one great find. If not, tell me why not.
I don't. I don't have a lot of free time for one. Two, I've never thought about going to one before. Three, I rarely ever see people having them anymore.

2. Name the last thing you fixed.
Some chairs at work.

3. Name your A) Favorite item of makeup OR B) Favorite tool
A) Eyeliner and B) Cordless drill.

4. Which room in your home needs organizing more than any other?
Most of them but it's not my home to organize so, lol.

5. Which room could use re-decorating?
Same answer as 4, lol.

6. Share something unique about your town.
John F. Kennedy was assassinated here.

7. If you could send a one-sentence message to your great-grandchild, what would it be?
To be honest and always be themselves, even if it means some people dislike them for it.

8. Do you Facebook?
Yes. :D

9. Describe your favorite shoes.
My flip flops. They're black and, uh, yeah. That's about it. Super comfy.

10. Do you listen to more talk radio or more music radio? What kind of station is it?
Neither, the radio sucks. I listen to CD's more.

11. How far would you travel for a really good (favorite) meal?
An hour.

12. If you were totally honest with yourself (and us) what should you probably be doing right now instead of blogging?
Sleeping, I have to get up early for work and I didn't sleep much at all last night.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

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Indi said...

I love # 7.. always be yourself.. Hope you have had pleny of sleep, sleep deprivation isn't good the the soul, or the dark bags under the eyes syndrome. Happy days