Thursday, August 5, 2010

Suckage, charity, Rangers, Brand Boyd & more.

You know what sucks? Unexpectedly stepping on a LEGO block, especially if you catch a corner or if it twists around under you. Fuck that shit. It's a tiny little thing but it's SO very annoying.

More suckage? Paper cuts. Fuck 'em. They're annoying as hell. And they're so small they shouldn't be such a problem. Go figure.

You know what else sucks? My boyfriend gets home from work and gets to bed about an hour before I get up for work. I get home from work after he's already gone to work. By the time he gets home, I'm passed the fuck out. The only day we have off together is Sunday. So even though I live with him, I'm only going to see him one day out of the week. And a few hours on Friday nights. It'll do. At least I'm finally working but man... Lol.

The Boyfriend rented After.Life last night from Redbox. It has Liam Neeson in it. I so love him as an actor. It also has Christina Ricci and she's awesome. I don't usually like movies like that because they tend to be so laughable and ridiculous. "Scary" movies don't scare me and "thrillers" don't usually do much for me either. Blood and gore movies don't bother me either. I actually dig some of those. Mmm, blood and gore. Anyway, I haven't watched it yet.

I find it funny when people criticize other people's taste in movies. "I hate horror movies, I need some substance in my films and blood and scary bits aren't substance." Yeah, but romantic comedies are just packed full of substance, right? Riii-iight. To each their own people. Quit being so fucking critical of EVERYTHING, stop acting like your opinion is the only one and that anyone that likes something you find stupid is also a moron. Pfft. Of course, disagreeing is cool. I just find it ridiculous when people attack someone or get into pitiful little serious trash talking matches over stuff. Good natured jabbing among friends is always fun. Being seriously critical over a difference in opinion over such trivial things? Please.

Put your efforts toward something that actually matters. There are tons of issues in the world really worth fighting for. Pick one of those that means something to you and go for it.

Speaking of which, I'm doing a canned food/non-perishables food drive to give to the local food bank. I'm harassing my friends and their families and other people I know. If any of you in the Dallas area that I know want to let me raid their cabinets, let me know. Or you can drop stuff off to me and I'll take it. Or I can pick it up from you if you want to raid your own cabinets. If I don't know you, sorry, I won't be making any house calls to people I don't know for safety reasons. Though, if you're willing to have me come pick some stuff up? Go ahead and put whatever you would be giving me into a bag or box and drop it off. There's always somewhere that needs something. :)

Donations are always nice, too.

Which reminds me. I'm definitely going to be doing the Toys for Tots blog fundraiser again this year. :D And I'll start doing donations and shopping earlier, too. That way I don't have to go all crazy doing the shopping and dropping off so close to Christmas. If you missed that, you should check that out. It was awesome. :D

Anyway...... I haven't blogged about any sports stuff lately. Even with Turco landing in Chicago and Modano going to Detroit, I decided to skip blogging about both of those hockey topics. Maybe I will. Maybe not. I'm going to talk baseball for a minute. Or several. ;)

FUCK YEAH GREENBERG-RYAN! Buh bye Tom Hicks. Now, to get the Stars sold so they can say buh bye to Hicks, too. I was seriously happy Greenberg and Ryan won the Rangers auction. Now, lets get the ball going, lol. I just.... Cuban? No thank you. Stick to the Mavericks buddy, please and thank you. Speaking of.....

The Rangers won against Seattle last night, 11-6. Not bad considering they were trailing 5-2 going into the 5th inning. ;) I would also like to point out that the Rangers now have an 8 game lead over the A's and an 8 (or 9? I don't want to go check, lol) game lead over the Angels holding down the top slot in the American League West. Now, lets hope they beat Seattle again tonight and keep adding wins on to those numbers. :D I just wish I actually got to watch most of the games. It's a bummer only having network TV sometimes, lol. Considering sports are the main thing I like to watch, no sports channels kills me, lol. Oh well, at least I can follow along thanks to the internet. :D

Oh and fuck me, Brandon Boyd (of Incubus fame) has a solo effort out. I fucking love him. His voice slays me. It's so lovely to my ears. I need to hear the rest of this CD. Maybe in a few weeks I'll be able to afford some frivolous little purchases again. :) For now, here's the song and odd but awesome video for "Runaway Train."

And just because, here's the song "Courage and Control" done to a nice little picture show.

Seriously... his voice.... *swoon* And yes, I love Incubus so much they get their own post label, lol. :D

Happy Thursday!


nitebyrd said...

Love "Incubus", too! Yeah, Brandon has an amazing voice.

On the upside of not seeing your BF all week, great sex when you do, right?

Great going on the food drive and the charity blog. Remember to keep me updated on it, please!

GoodWill said...

oooh damn!!! stepping on a lego block is no good! it's been years but just reading about it takes you back!

and i'm digging the brandon boyd vids too. for the longest time, my wife (then gf) when we were living apart, had "I Miss You" by incubus on heavy rotation.