Monday, August 30, 2010

Questions & a picture parade...

I did part one of these questions a week ago. I'm getting around to part two now. Working crazy hours is totally hindering my blogging. Which, I know sucks for everyone who likes to stop by and read here. Also, sucks for me because I mainly blog because I like to write and haven't had much time to do that lately. Fucking crazy work schedule. It's all good, though.

1.) If you could be a star athlete in any sport, which sport would you pick?
Hockey. ;)

2.) If you had to throw away either your TV or your computer, which would you choose?
TV. I pretty much never watch TV unless there's a game on I want to see and even then, most are on cable channels I don't have anyway. You can watch stuff online anyway, so... :)

3.) Would you rather own a luxury yacht or a private jet?

4.) What was the last home cooked meal you had and when was it?
I don't remember when but I made spaghetti one afternoon before work recently-ish.

5.) If you had to become any fictional character out of Alice In Wonderland for an entire week, who would you be?
Mad Hatter. Who else? ;)

6.) If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
I wouldn't change it.

7.) Would it be terrible for you (since you don't like her) if you got stuck in an elevator with Lady Gaga?
I dislike her music. I don't know her as a person so I can't dislike her. It would be terrible to be stuck in any elevator, period. I'm claustrophobic and dislike elevators as it is. Being stuck in one? PASS.

8.) What TV show on FOOD Network would you be on?
We don't have cable/satellite so I have no idea.

9.) What is one thing you are bad at?
Waiting. I have a lot of energy and I get bored if I need to just sit somewhere, doing nothing, waiting.... Aye.

10.) Who is hotter; Eric Dane, Milo Ventimiglia, Chace Crawford or Paul Wesley?
I have no clue who any of them are.

11.) If you had to be one would you rather be a famous model, actress or musician?
Musician. I love music. I'd hate to be famous, though.

12.) What did the last message you got in a fortune cookie say?
No idea. I don't even remember the last time I had a fortune cookie because it was SO long ago.

13.) How do you like your steak served to you?
On a plate. :)

14.) If you had to give up watching hockey games on TV or sex for a year, which would you give up?
Ouch.... Uhh.... Hockey. Lol. I can still go to games, right? That's not watching on TV, so woo. What if I watch on the laptop? Woohoo. Still, between those two, I'd have to deal with reading about how the games went, lol.

15.) What's the best thing about your new job?
That I'm getting a paycheck again, lol.

Thanks for the questions, y'all! If anyone has anything else they want to ask, hit my formspring with them. I know I have a few there now so I'll answer them as I have time to. :)

And now, some pictures that were posted on my Tumblr... just because I want them here, too.

Happy Monday!!!


Raquel's World said...

Love NPH and his silly bandz!

Discreteinaz said...

Hockey rocks....your pictures made me happy.

I am invited to play tonight (we are between seasons) and I have been dragging my feet...maybe I will show up and throw a shoulder....GO HOCKEY!