Friday, August 6, 2010

Life? It happens...

I watched Kick Ass last night. It was good. I don't know that I would watch it again, though, now that I know how it ends. Some movies, while they can be awesome, I don't have interest in seeing them again. Other movies, I don't mind watching them several times or over and over again.

I had a scary situation happen Wednesday night and then another sketchy situation happen Thursday afternoon. The police were involved Wednesday night because I ended up calling them out of necessity. Thursday afternoon, I was going to attempt to help someone but I realized quickly that he didn't need help and didn't have good intentions, either. Thanks to be being so cynical, having a lot of mistrust of people in general and being full of common sense, I avoided something potentially bad happening Thursday.
I don't want to go into detail about either incident to be honest but I'm okay. I usually attract strange and weird incidents or people to me. I'm not sure what it is about me but weird, random things often happen to me. Mostly? It's very rarely anything bad. It's normally amusing or just odd but non-threatening. This last week or so? Not so much. This last week or so? I haven't been venturing out of the city we live in. I very rarely spend any time in the city we actually live in because it's not the best area to be. This last week or so has been proving my theory about it being worth the little bit of driving to be in a better area to do things. I don't believe in coincidence so I don't think it's coincidence. Thanks to my being unemployed for so long, we don't live on our own anymore currently and we don't live in the best area, either. The Boyfriend and I plan to move back out to our own apartment, into a different city, as soon as we're financially able to again. Which thankfully should be able to happen in a few months. Which will be lovely. I hate where we're living now and I seriously miss having my own place.

Anyway. :)

I'm working on a post about one night stands and keeping up or not keeping up with the number of sexual partners one has. I'm also working on a post about a type of vaginal surgery I saw about on the news last night. It isn't reconstructing surgery, either. I just didn't feel like finishing either because they both ended up longer than I thought they would. All I'm going to say? I'm not letting anyone operate on my vagina unless it's necessary. I mean life and death or serious illness or health complications kind of necessary.

I know a ridiculous amount of girls that are pregnant right now. I'd say friends but none of them are friends. My boyfriend's little sister, friend's siblings, people I know due to mutual friends, etc. None of them are married or in serious relationships. None of them were planned. And none of them even live on their own or have jobs or the ability to take care of themselves, let alone a child. I'm talking 7 girls that are all 22-28. Most of them hoping people around them are going to help them take care of their babies once they're born; emotionally, financially, etc. CONDOMS AND BIRTH CONTROL PEOPLE. At least condoms if you can't afford birth control and can't get it for free. There are a lot of places you can get free condoms from. And for all the people I know? They can afford protection and just didn't use it. No one likes the way condoms feel but be responsible if you're going to have sex.

Happy Friday!


Tim_D_Enchanter said...

On the last paragraph. . .

I know a lot of guys who try to convince girls to let them go sans protection, and because the girl "really likes the guy" or whatever, they do what he wants out of fear he'll walk away.

Personally, I say that girls keep their legs shut, and start to walk away the second a guy starts trying to convince them they don't need one and that he'll pull out in time. Females have a lot more power and control than they choose to take. I can almost guarantee that if sex is what you're after, you can certainly (and easily) find a guy that will be courteous and safe by choosing to wear a condom. You can also find guys who will care for you deeply (should that be what you are looking for)who will wear them.

No reason to be unsafe in this unstable world. . .

kitty said...

I'm with you on the whole getting pregnant and relying on others thing. It's one of my personal hates.

It seems as if everybody I know that has got pregnant in the last ten years or so says that 'it wasn't planned but I'm happy about it'.

No, you stupid cow. It WAS planned. Being casual with birth control means that pregnancy is a possible, should-be-anticipated result of having sex. And don't tell me it was a 'birthcontrol failure', either. Forgetting (or taking chances and not using) birth control is not a product failure; it's a mark of how stupid you are.

I somehow managed to avoid getting knocked up in over 30 years of a very enthusiastic sex life, unless I chose to have it happen. I don't think family planning has got harder over the years but, possibly, females have got dumber.

Excuse me for the rant but the whole 'other people will support me' thing really irritates me. Where I live, new parents even get a lump sum cash payment on having a baby and they are now introducing paid parental leave on the birth of a child.

It seems simple to me. Pregnancy and child raising is a huge financial and emotional commitment. If you can't manage it yourself, then don't do it. Or, if you do, suck it up and stop complaining.

Jonathan Elliot said...

Couldn't agree more with you about contraception & condoms. And I'm a guy :O

I take responsibility for my actions.

Jonathan from spritzophrenia :)