Monday, August 16, 2010



Did y'all miss me?

It's okay if you didn't, lol.

I didn't blog much at all last week because I was feeling pretty down.
I didn't want to write to whine about stuff, I didn't want to talk
about what was bothering me and I didn't want to write any downer
posts. So, I didn't.

I will tell you that I got "let go" from the job I just got last
Monday. Ironically, my boss had a cousin that was hired for the
position I had been in and started the exact day I was let go. Go
figure. So I was upset and disappointed about that but not too badly.
I mean, the place was ridiculously unprofessional not to mention most
of the people I worked with were snobby cunts.

Come Wednesday, I got a call from a guy I had previously interviewed
with. He wanted to offer me a job if I happened to still be
interested. I started Friday and worked all weekend. And so far? I
love it. My new boss is big on being punctual. Unlike my former boss
that would show up anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour late leaving us
waiting in the parking lot to be let in. I don't have any snobby cunt
co-workers. The hours and pay are better. There's structure and a good
sense of professionalism. Hopefully, I keep liking it.

I just won't be blogging and tweeting as much since I'll be working a
fuck ton of hours. Which is great for me, honestly.

I'm happy I'm only working an 8 hour shift today, though. I hung out
with the Boyfriend and some friends last night. R's girlfriend decided
she wanted to do shots. So, she kept buying shots and kept giving them
to me. Not like I'm complaining. Yay for booze! Yay for booze I don't
have to pay for, lol. I got around three and a half hours of sleep.
Which isn't bad considering I sleep around 4-5 hours most nights
anyway. It was fun. I had a horrible day yesterday up until that point
so it was nice.

Hope all of you reading had a lovely weekend! :)


MinorityReport said...

Sorry to hear about the former job, but this new one sounds much better. I hope you keep loving it!

nitebyrd said...

You've just proved the old saying, "When a door shuts, a window opens." Good on you for finding that open window so quickly. Sounds much better than the other job.

Get some more sleep when you can!

BTExpress said...

Funny how you got a better job immediately after being let go. A similar thing happened to me.

I worked for a company for 17 year and was the first of many to be laid off. Being 51 and unemployed was the end of the world to me. After four weeks of unemployment & the end of my severance pay, I got the best job I'd eve had and it was the last job I had before I retired.

Anonymous said...

good luck with everything

yay for booze, i second that

GoodWill said...

That's awesome, and worked out perfectly.

You got let go from a crappy, unorganized, frustration of a job...and hired for one that suits you well. Very cool to hear.

Good luck and congrats!!!

Hubman said...

2 new jobs in as many weeks, here's hoping this one will continue to work out for you!

Yay for free booze :-)

Just A. Girl said...

Interesting turn of events. Of course I missed you. :)

phairhead said...

I missed you!

good luck w/ the new jobber

Anonymous said...

Better job, free booze, does it get any better?? Of course it does: Hockey is just around the corner!! WOOT WOOT

Raquel's World said...

Had a feeling that last job wouldn't last long, but thought you would quite not get fired. What is up with that?

Nolens Volens said...

Glad that things are working out for you. :)