Friday, August 20, 2010

Ask me anything...

I haven't done one of these posts in a long while. I'm too tired from
all the hours I'm putting in to really write something worth reading,
lol. So, you readers out there, ask me anything. One question, two,
five, how ever many. You people without blogs can ask anonymously if
you want. Hell, anyone can ask anonymously, heh. I'll take all the
questions I get from y'all and answer them in a blog post. They can be
funny, nonsense, serious, etc. Just ask me stuff. Please? *batting
eyelashes* C'mon, no one can resist some eyelash batting! (Actually
most people can, I assume.)

Oh and the Boyfriend has a job interview today for a pretty good
place. Hopefully it goes well so he can quit the craphole he works in
now. Good luck my love! :)

Happy Friday!!


Anonymous said...

question, eh???? do you think your Stars are going to do this year?? I don't see them play very often and have no clue of the state of your team for this season.

Beth said...

How old are you? (Unless you don't want to answer) Who is your favorite author? Do you like Harry Potter? Will you look at my blog? Do you live in the United States?