Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Secrets #6

One of today's secrets is mine. I won't tell you which one but it is definitely not #8. I almost obsessively do the thing they don't do, lol. It's not #2 or #11 either because that's just pathetic. It's also not #1 because the Discovery channel rocks! I haven't seen it in a year, though. Last time I lived somewhere and had cable was early July. Bummer because I hate most of what comes on regular TV. Thank goodness there's music. :D Anyway, I'll stop narrowing it down now.

The rest of the secrets are from awesome people who were kind enough to submit them to me. If you want to submit a secret for me to use next weekend (COME ON, DON'T BE SHY! :D) then just e-mail it to me: amorousrocker [at] gmail [dot] com. Or leave it as a comment here anonymously if you want to do it that way and I'll copy it and use it for next weekend's Secrets post. ;)

Saturday Secrets #6

Secret #1: I pretend to enjoy it but secretly I hate the discovery channel and all of those shows she watches. I only pretend to enjoy them because watching them with her makes her happy and her being happy is more important than whether I enjoy a boring show or not.

Secret #2: Good thing I'm an impeccable liar. I'd never have any interesting stories to tell otherwise.

Secret #3: I secretly want to see my wife as the center of attention for many well hung men. After receiving her fill and cum was oozing from all of her orifices, down her face and pooling on her bare skin, I would worship her body as I always do. I would kiss her all over, enjoying the texture of her soft skin, savoring the taste of her sweat mixed with the evidence of her ability to give pleasure. I would embrace her as I slid into her soaked gaping holes, tasting the salt on her tongue as we shared a deep intimate kiss.

I don't want this as a means to degrade or objectify her. I would want her to be in control and to do it simply because she loves and cannot get enough cock.

Secret #4: I still have the "movie" that we made together and sometimes masturbate while watching it.

Secret #5: My father is white and I'm half white but I'm closer with my black mother and her side of the family and also the majority of my friends are black as well. When I hear racist jokes against white people, I always laugh. I feel ashamed for finding them funny because it's part of who I am and I love my father but some of them are so funny.

Secret #6: The complete lack of accountability among people is disgusting. Everyone wants to BLAME BLAME BLAME someone else but NEVER stop and point their fingers toward their own actions.

Secret #7: I'm much more unhappy than I let on. I don't fake anything, I just don't show everything. People have noticed that I'm less like myself lately but I've held back a lot so that no one knows how truly bad I've gotten.

Secret #8: I almost never remember to wash my hands after I pee at home but I never forget when I'm out somewhere.

Secret #9: I think you could do much better than him.

Secret #10: I cried 6 different times yesterday. I'm crying too much lately and it scares me how upset and sad I've been lately. I don't want to slip back into depression but I'm unsure what to do to prevent it.

Secret #11: Half the "real life" stuff I post on my blog is greatly embellished or not even real. I do it for the attention. I get so many comments and I love the sympathy people so freely dole out. I want the attention and I get satisfaction out of crafting my stories in a way that make people react so emotionally. I secretly feel superior to all the people kissing my little white ass too!

Secret #12: When I'm uncomfortable, I fart a lot. Thankfully they're usually quiet!

Secret #13: I laugh at his funny stories but I usually think he's just lying to try and impress me.


Secret #15: When an ugly guy approaches me, I fake not being able to speak English to avoid having them flirt with me.

Happy Saturday!

Comments, please?


Kate said...

Wow, what a great idea. This is my first stop to visit you, but I like it a lot and will be back to read more soon! I'm too chicken to put my secrets out there...but I like reading others!

Just A. Girl said...

Interesting post. I hate the Discovery channel but wish I liked it. I'm a smart girl. I'm curious, analytical, and educated. I just prefer trashier entertainment... or at least something fictional.

Charlene said...

#3 is astounding. I know others who say this about their wife/girlfriend. I'm not sure if it makes them sub or if it's a power thing for them to get her into this.

Raquel's World said...

Woah #3.