Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Secrets #5 & Thank You...

Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's drunk driving post. Thanks to everyone who retweeted the link and encouraged other people to read it. I know a few people said they would be posting about it on their blogs and a couple said they would be posting a link to it on their blogs. If you do either of those things, let me know so I can check out the post and tell you thank you. :)

Saturday Secrets #5

Secret #1: I am 42 and more obsessed with the Twilight series and movies than my 17 and 19 year old daughters are.

Secret #2: I miss being single now that we're in a serious relationship. If we broke up, I'd miss being in a relationship. I'm always stuck on "the grass is always greener..." when it comes to dating.

Secret #3: I check through the 'missed connections' posting on Craig's List once every few days, just to see if anybody noticed me and thought I was sexy. Hasn't happened yet, and probably never will, but I keep checking...

Secret #4: Since you left me, I've used your email to sign you up for 30+ newsletters and random offers. I use your real cell phone number in all the info too but a fake address. Enjoy your spam and unwanted phone calls, asshole!

Secret #5: I love you because I feel like less of a freak when I'm with you.

Secret #6: I said I was queefing in the bathroom afterward and that was what all the noise was. That was a lie. The Mexican food from earlier was killing my ass.

Secret #7: My girlfriend and I have no problem doing things in the bathroom at the same time. Watching her insert a tampon always turns me on a little bit.

Secret #8: I quit sex blogging because the negativity of so many of the women made it not fun for me anymore. Blogging was only part of it for me. The community was the bigger part that I enjoyed. I quit because so many women in sex blogging are petty, catty, snide, mean, bitches. Grow up, ladies. I blog about crafts and similar hobbies now. Love it and found a community full of women who can agree and disagree without being petty, insecure and snide.

Secret #9: I'm a heterosexual male and I love glitter. Glitter in my hair, glitter on my face, glitter on my arms. I love things that have glitter on them too. GLITTER FTW!

If you want to submit a secret, send it to me at amorousrocker [at] gmail [dot] com or submit it through anonymous comment here on the blog.

Happy Saturday!



Poindexter said...

I can relate to secret #1. My partner and I are going to see the new Twilight film this weekend. We've selected an out-of-the mainstream cinema location and showtime to minimize our quasi-embarrassment. We're envisioning we'll be the only 49-year old women in a cinema auditorium full of teen aged girls.

Southern Sage said...

My bride digs Twilight too but the 11 yr old has *Team Jacob* when she sends a text. To which I reply with *Team Big D*.

I laughed out loud at #6

Tragic™ said...

Secret #8: I left it over three years ago (different name than currently, of course) for many of the same reasons. I'm sorry you got hurt too. If it means anything at all now: I'm glad you didn't give up blogging altogether..

Dangerous Lilly said...

I have never seen any of the Twilight movies and I intend to keep it that way, lol.

I'm curious who #8 is, and saddened by it. I think that the sex blogging community has many wonderful people in it and a few drama-queen sour grapes. I don't understand why the good people leave but the bad eggs get to stick around and ruin things.

Margaret said...

:D some of these just made my day
loving the blog
great posts!
stop by some time xx

Just A. Girl said...

Aww. #5 is classic.

sarahbear said...

#1 - I'm 27 and I love Twilight (the books and movies) too. I also love Harry Potter. There is such a wide range of people who love these books and movies, you'd be surprised. =)

#8 - I actually quit 'mommy' blogging for the same reasons, thinking that there wasn't a whole hell of a lot to have a holier than though attitude about in sex blogging. Boy was I surprised.

Janie said...

Whoever submitted #9 is my hero.


Charlene said...

#4 I'm making a note of that one.

Another Suburban Mom said...

Awesome secrets, especially the last one! I love glittery things as well, and part of me really wants a bedazzler.

BTW: I mentioned your drunk driving post today.

Black Chicks Rule said...

Single#2 Single @42 isan't all what is cracked up to be, so Kudos that you found the one. Secret#3 Damit stay out CL personals. You in a relationship. It appears your GF needs to train you. LoL...Secret#7, I am so with you on that one. I to can share a bathroom in the morning. Secret#8 Maybe hobby blogging is better.LoL.. I don't consider my blog a sex blog but some reader do. Hmm. go figure. Just my 2 cents, BCR @ SmoothFemdom