Friday, July 30, 2010


I think I look pretty snazzy in huge glasses with a very large nose and a decent looking mustache. Don't you? Probably not but that's cool, lol.

I like to do goofy things. Not for attention but to make people laugh. I don't care about getting the attention. My goal is to always make people around me smile or laugh or at least be mildly amused by my ridiculousness. I like my environment to stay fun, laid back and happy as much as possible. I like to help achieve that by acting... well, like I do. :D

Also, I realized I still had not posted any shots of my new hair style courtesy of (one of) my awesome best friends hooking me up with a cut and color from the comfort of my own home. So, here's a good little preview of what my hair looks like now.

For some "before" shots of what my hair was looking like color and length wise? Here for the length. Here and here for the color. My hair was quite a ways down my back. When Fangs cut it, he took a little more than 5 inches off of the longest layer. It feels so much lighter now. My hair was so long and heavy. In this summer heat and humidity? IT WAS KILLING ME. Lol. I'm also happy with the color. After I find out about my new job's policy about hair coloring, I might look into adding some color to it. :D Or, I might just leave it as is since I do like this color and there are some red tones through out it.

Moving on......

Thanks to everyone for all the comments on yesterday's post. I did appreciate all the advice on how to get some clothes.

When I talk about having mostly only guy friends, I'm seriously not joking. My two best female friends? One lives close to San Jose, CA and the other lives in Las Vegas. Those were both chicks I met when I lived and worked in CA. Here? I don't have any female friends I'm close with or that I even talk to or see on a regular basis. All of my friends that I'm close with and see a lot on a regular basis are guys. I do have a couple female friends but they're not close to the size I wear and I'm not good enough friends with any of them to borrow clothes from them if they were near my size.

Borrowing from family doesn't work either. My parents and siblings live in CA. I have aunts and a few female cousins but one aunt doesn't live at all close to me, the other doesn't live too far away but her clothes wouldn't fit anyway. I have two female cousins and I wouldn't be able to wear their clothes either. I also wouldn't even feel comfortable asking due to the fact that I'm not very close with either of them. I don't even have either of their cell phone numbers to be honest.

I really did appreciate all of the suggestions, though. Thank you! I love that people read my blog and want to offer me up advice when I'm in need of it. Y'all are awesome. And I totally have the information stored away in my mind now if I ever need to know these things again. You never know when things will come in handy. :D

I also didn't have enough money to go buy anything either. I had $11 in my checking account and that's literally all the money I had. I've sold a lot of stuff in the last few months. One to clear out some junk and two because it was money for groceries or other stuff I might have needed. I did have some other stuff I was going to attempt to sale but turns out, I won't need to be doing that. Thankfully. I don't honestly have much stuff as it is, lol. That comes from moving around a lot and wanting to keep everything down to a minimum so I didn't have much to pack and unpack but I digress.

No worries, though. I've got a couple wonderful people that have offered to help me out with some stuff and it'll be enough until I've got some money and can buy some stuff on my own. I'll wait for Monday to post more details on that, though. Mainly because I want to be able to include some pictures of some stuff and give all of the details so I can brag about how awesome some of the people in my life are and this thing has gotten long enough already. I'm totally excited for Monday. I've HATED not working. I started working when I was 13 doing whatever kind of odd stuff I could do to make money and got my first real job at 15 and have worked steadily since then. So not having a job has been killing me. Not having money sucks and makes living hard. Being at home most of the time ( drives me nuts) and not doing much fun and not seeing my friends has sucked. Mainly, though? I just really love to work and love how productive and happy I feel when I'm working. Not having that has been really bad for my mental and emotional well being and I've been far more unhappy, stressed and upset than I've let on. But anyway... like I said, this has gotten long enough already. ;)

Here's a music video. "If You Could Only See" by Tonic. This has been one of my favorite songs for many years.

Check out some other stuff I posted to Twitter via TwitPic. You know, if you want to. ;) There's a couple pictures of an awesome zebra striped hot pink pimp hat plus some other rad stuff.

I NEED SOME SECRETS for my Saturday posts. :D If you want to submit a secret for me to use tomorrow then just e-mail it to me: amorousrocker [at] gmail [dot] com. Or leave it as a comment here anonymously if you want to do it that way and I'll copy it and use it tomorrow.

And now, one last picture.... :)

Happy Friday!


phairhead said...

ha! I love how you look so serious w/ those ridiculous glasses on :D

Ginger said...

You are too damn adorable. I love that you look so serious with the goofy glasses. Perfect. Plus, you're just a cutie. Thank you for my early AM amusement.

I like your hair! Goodness gracious your pal took a lot of hair off. It looks lovely. The color suits you. How close to natural is it?

I am glad you'll be storing the tips myself and other bloggers gave you. Truly never know when you may find yourself in a bind like this again. I think it is beautiful that so many people reach out to you offering you advice, support and encouragement.

I have not heard that song in YEARs!!! I love it. Thank you for posting it.

Happy Friday to you also!!

Osbasso said...

Yer sorta hot!

Just A. Girl said...

Funny pictures :) I like the haircut too :)

Poindexter said...

I like the layers girly! Those glasses make me laugh! I missed yesterday's post, but if it's about clothes, I've got to go take a peek.