Friday, July 9, 2010

In my head...

I hate when you're trying to apply nail polish and you sneeze really hard out of no where and end up with nail polish all over your fingers. And sometimes clothes and other things in the area.

I also hate how nothing itches until you have wet fingernails.

I always pick at the nail polish. It never has a chance to chip away because I peel it away.

Edit: Sarahbear Someone (sorry, I forgot who but speak up if it was you)
tweeted a quote they had seen on Facebook. "Don't worry about karma. She's only a bitch if you are." That made me chuckle.

Yesterday, I got my Crayola crayons out and started drawing. I draw better with pencil but I didn't have any colored pencils to draw with so the crayons had to do. (You can click on both pictures to see the bigger versions.)

I made a cute cupcake.

And then this. I was disappointed with this a little bit. I definitely would have done better on this one with some pencils instead of crayons. Ah well.

Something else about Crayola? I love the smell of crayons. LOVE it.

I tweeted yesterday about how parking garages make me nervous. I was walking through one on my way to yesterday's waste of time job interview and tweeted about how they make me nervous. Most of the replies had to do with saying they could relate because they made them nervous because they were scared of being attacked in them as well. I made another tweet to clarify that wasn't why I'm nervous about them. I'm not afraid of being attacked in them. I'm scared of the structure itself. I know they're secure enough but I'm always nervous I'm going to be walking through and the whole thing is just going to collapse. Rather irrational fear I suppose but it's not impossible; just improbable.

I also have issues with escalators. I'm always anxious that my clothes will get stuck in them or that I'll fall some how or that something will go wrong. I'd rather walk up flights of stairs over being on an escalator.

Bridges make me nervous, too. Only when I'm driving across them or in a car going across one, though. If I'm walking or standing on one, I do okay.The only exception to that are those bridges made of rope and board. I won't cross one, they terrify me.

I've gone cliff diving, jumped off bridges into the ocean, skim boarded and hung out on a beach during a hurricane on multiple occasions, done the skycoaster and done tons of other really risky fun things that were often also potentially dangerous. Yet try to get me on an escalator or get me to drive over a bridge and I'm packed full of anxiety. Most of the things that really bother me are all irrational fears that I know aren't likely to happen but know could happen. I have very few rational fears.

Happy Friday!

Comments, please?


Jormengrund said...

Don't worry AR! If fears were rational, then we really wouldn't have to call them fear now would we?

I have fears, but most of mine are over things I have no control of, so I guess to a degree I've got a seriously controlling nature.

Take care, and have a great weekend!

phairhead said...

holy crap bridges are the worst! I drive so slowly over the idiot bridges around here, praying I don't drive over the edge and road feels like it's getting more narrow. AH!

andrew deighton said...

I love bridges we have a monolith of a bridge called the Humber bridge just up the road it's a mile long between the support stantions. my irrational fear is the smell of sulphur and every twenty minutes when I fly i pray to Jehovah that I'll reach my destination it's worked so far. oh and the artwork is awesome. great post today thank you.

Raquel's World said...

Bridges----Thats my thing. Hate em! The worse for me is when you get caught at a stop due to traffic on one. I sit there wondering is this bridge gonna hold us all up? Awhile back our county did a story on the lack of bridge maintenance and upkeep. Basically 80 something percent of all our county bridges could fail at anytime. Nice.

Just A. Girl said...

Interesting post... all over the place... I never paint my fingernails, but if I did, I'm sure I'd pick at it.

I like your drawings. The 2nd one looks like a tattoo. :)

sarahbear said...

It was me! It was me!

I am terrified of driving over bridges and being inside of parking garages too, for the same reasons you are. Structural stability. I've seen news stories where that shit collapses on people, too, because it isn't being inspected like it's suppose to. So, it's not an irrational fear. ;)

I also <3 your cupcake. It's very cute. I love cupcakes a lot, though. I might even borrow your design for a tattoo. You make me want to buy crayons and coloring books.=p

Charlene said...

The bridge between Madison Indiana and Milton Kentucky is the only bridge I'm afraid of. I remember going over it with my family when I was 6 [53 years ago] and it shook then.

It's about a mile long over the Ohio River and it vibrates. One of these days I'm going to hear it fell.

Suzanne said...

I worry about garages collapsing on me too. But I wish we had more in town. It would help keep our cars cool. I esp. hate my psych's garage. There is tons of parking but it is mostly reserved. I've driven all the way to the top before -- 3 levels of empty reserved spots. I was late to my appt cuz I couldn't find anywhere to park.
As for bridges sometimes I worry I'll snap & just drive off the edge. (feel free to use that if u need an anonymous secret later. Awesome idea for a post btw. Love reading the secrets)
I read u love the smell of crayons. Demeter makes colognes w/ odd scents. You've prob. heard of that brand. They have a crayon perfume along w/ dirt, laundry, cake, tomato, & the booze line like gin & tonic. But that makes me think I'd smell like an alcoholic.
Again I really enjoy your blobs ("blob" is more fun than "blog")