Thursday, July 1, 2010

I don't want the world to see me...

Most people take me as a hard rock/metal chick and assume that's all I listen to. Not true. Not at all. I listen to a lot of metal and hard rock. I also listen to classic rock. I also listen to Frank Sinatra, P!nk, Lifehouse, The Goo Goo Dolls, Opeth, Keith Urban, Neyo and tons of other stuff from plenty of different genres. I don't limit myself to one type of music. Hard rock & metal? Well, that just happens to be what I dig the most.

Lately though, I've been feeling pretty down so I've been listening to some more mellow stuff a bit more often than I normally do.

This always has and likely always will be one of my favorite songs. I never even saw the movie and I liked this band before that movie ever came out. I love his voice. I love this song because I can identify with the lyrics so well. Maybe not precisely as the writer intended but perception is, at times, a wonderful thing.

Happy Thursday!

Comments, please?


Just A. Girl said...

Good music choice. "I just want you to know who I am..."

KendallJaye said...

Perfect lyrics. :)


GoodWill said...

Great song. One of the "new classics" perhaps.

And I never saw the movie either. Just never really wanted to.

Autumn said...

awww i had to wait until the song was through to comment. i LOVE that song, and the movie also. it was strange, but thought provoking and moving. the music had a great role in the scenes. goo goo dolls have a great sound. i agree, it's not good to choose only 1 genre of music. there's simply so much to explore. my older son is totally into death metal at the moment. not my thing, but i admire his desire to explore his own musical tastes.

it's been a while...i have missed you.

loves autumn

Poindexter said...

love that song too. you can't be defined (no one can) by just one kind of music. It's such a wonderful form of expression and creativity.

Jason said...

what movie???

Ashly Star said...

Mmhmm. :D

Indeed. They're wonderful.

Maybe. One I think I'll always love, anyway.
I was young when it came out and I just never cared to watch it, lol.

I probably like some of the bands your son is currently into. :D I like a little of almost everything.
Also, I am soo flipping happy to see you commenting. :D I miss youuuu.

Exactly. :)

City of Angels.