Monday, July 19, 2010

I could not kiss, just regress...

Thanks to everyone that commented on this post. I appreciate the comments and the couple e-mails I got in response to it. I don't appreciate the negative comments that are full of name calling and insults. If you left those, they didn't get posted, obviously. I don't mind people disagreeing with me. Not one bit. However, calling me a bitch and telling me I have my head stuck up a camel's ass along with a sleuth of other random and giggle inducing insults? Not going to publish that shit. Disagree with me all you want but articulate your point without being insulting and rude.

I NEED SOME SECRETS for my Saturday posts. :D If you want to submit a secret for me to use next weekend (COME ON, DON'T BE SHY! :D) then just e-mail it to me: amorousrocker [at] gmail [dot] com. Or leave it as a comment here anonymously if you want to do it that way and I'll copy it and use it for next weekend's Secrets post. ;)

I posted that picture on my Tumblr yesterday after I saw it posted on Laken's Tumblr. I love rainbows and with the angle of the picture and the road covered with stuff fresh after some rain? It just looks beautiful to me.

I started reading "Alice In Wonderland" again a few days ago. I haven't read that book in years but decided I wanted to re-read it. It's still one of my favorites. I love that I haven't read it in so long but still remember most of it. Though, some bits I forgot so it's nice when I get to a part I don't remember. I've also been reading Edgar Allen Poe again here lately. I think it's been a good 6 months since I picked up a poetry book and read. I always feel like drawing after I read Poe. Not sure why. It just inspires me creatively in an odd way. :D

I tweeted this yesterday: "People almost always react funny when I say I don't particularly like bacon. I'm not a pork person. I don't like the meat Babe has to offer." I immediately got some joking tweets about people not being able to like me, love me or be online buddies with me any longer because I'm not a big fan of bacon. I got one tweet from someone who could relate. Then two more from people who don't eat any meat. I never quite get what the big deal about not liking bacon is. When I was younger, I LOVED it. I stopped liking it around the time I started working a job as a teenager where I worked around bacon and smelled it ALL THE TIME. After smelling it and seeing it so much, I didn't like it as much and only ate it on burgers. Then, I went from working around it and smelling it to actually getting to cook the bacon once I was working the opening shift. More than a pound of it. 6 mornings a week. I already didn't like it but that? Totally put me off of it. I just amuses me (and admittedly baffles a little bit, too) how people react to me not liking bacon. Like it's some sort of mortal crime or something. I could say I dislike sausage (which I do, seriously, not a pork person) and it doesn't get near the reaction not liking the All Mighty Bacon gets. People are crazy about bacon. *nods*

Musical Monday video for today? "Glycerine" by Bush. They have been one of my favorite bands since I was 14 and first heard one of their songs on the radio. I really enjoy their songs. I like and relate to a lot of what their songs are about. Also? I LOVE Gavin Rossdale's beautiful voice. *swoon*

Happy Monday!

Comments, please?


Anonymous said...

well it never bothered me what someone did or didn't like, but I will say you could wrap a dogass in bacon and I'd likely eat it. I should invent bacon flavored warming oil then most of the chicks who have a guy that won't go downtown would be able to get em down there!

Charlene said...

I agree. You are the blog owner and that does not give anyone a right to be an ass. Of course their being an ass is not something you can control or would care to.

I've had only one hateful comment and that's why I moderate my comments. If they believe being an ass is a productive thing, they should create a blog of their own and display theirs there.

Janie said...

I read in the paper today that eating processed meat like bacon can increase your chances of getting bowel cancer. Just sayin'


GoodWill said...

love the music vid this week. I always enjoyed the band Bush, but one performance always stood out for me.

Think it was MTV Spring Break and it was pouring rain. They were going to cancel the performance, until Gavin went out and played Glycerine in the pouring rain, by himself. Such a cool performance of a great song.

And now I've dated myself as young enough to have watched MTV, but old enough to remember when they actually played music. haha...

and I'm with could put bacon with just about anything and I'd be all for it. that being said, i've known some people that just don't care for it...and I can't fault them for that. my wife loves bacon by itself, but hates anything with bacon in it. she doesn't like how the taste obscures any other taste from whatever the food is.

Peridot (G+P) said...

I'm having a love affair with Chicken Bacon atm. I don't like eating pigs but I loooooooooooove the smell of bacon.

I'm feeling like kicking some ass. You got a list for me to start on? :p

Jormengrund said...

I don't particularly have any kind of desire for bacon either. I can take it or leave it. In my family, that usually gets me some curious looks.

Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head.. Now I've gotta go find their tune "Comedown", plus find Seven Mary Three's "Cumbersome" and "Possum Kingdom" by the Toadies! I mean, some songs just have certain others that drag them along, and those four were some of my serious college pot-smoking years!