Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guess what I got? :)

I got a package in the mail yesterday. My younger sister had ordered me a gift in plenty of time to get it and send it to me by my birthday June 15th. After she ordered it, it went on backorder so we had to wait. It finally came in and I got it yesterday. I've been waiting and waiting to see what my sister got for me that was so hard to get a hold of.

Awesome, eh? ;)

Any guess about what it is?

A drawstring bag and a bunch of boxes!

You win if you guessed that.

Ready to see what's in the boxes?

I know you are.....

Ok ok...........


Ok, for real this time........

*Click here to see larger images.*

If you guessed the boxes contained a flask and set of six shot glasses, you were right. Come one, no one guessed that! If you did magically guess that, you definitely didn't guess that it was a Boondock Saints flask and shot glass set. ;)

The first time I saw the movie was in 2003. I was hanging out with one of my guy friends at his apartment and we had been playing video games and drinking for a few hours. And yeah, for those who know how old I am, I was totally partaking in some illegal underage drinking. Totally not the worst thing I was doing at the time but I digress. Back on track here. We gave up on the video games after a few hours of me kicking his ass at whatever game we were playing and decided we'd watch a movie. He pulled out The Boondock Saints and asked if I had seen it. I said I hadn't and he said I had to watch it because it was one of his favorite movies. I loved it. I also love Willem Dafoe. :D And even now that it's more popular, especially due to a second one FINALLY coming out recently, I still love it. So, I was quite happy with my sister's present and totally surprised by it.

Moving on, one more thing I want to share not related to my gift from my awesome younger sister....

Fangs decided he wanted to do my hair for me. I admit, it looked crappy. I've needed a haircut really badly but haven't been able to afford one. I normally cut my own hair but my step-cousin's wife did my hair last year in several layers and my hair was still in layers. Just many inches longer than when she cut it. I didn't want to mess up the layers so I just left my hair alone. It's been so hot due to the whole summer thing my mass of super long and heavy hair has been killing me. So, Fangs did my hair for me. He cut 5 inches off the longest layer and said longest layer is now only 1.5 inches below my shoulders now. It feels so good to not have so much hair weighing me down. He also colored it for me, too. He said some stuff left over from when he last did his hair. He had purchased several different colors because he had been indecisive on what to get for himself. So he had a couple colors for me to pick from for him to do my hair. And it wasn't box stuff, he doesn't roll that way. So, I got a great hair cut and a pretty new color and my hair looks so nice again. My step-cousin's wife had done it lighter and then done two different tones of high lights in it but since my hair's grown, my natural color was there then flowed into the color/highlights and yeah... wasn't looking good. It's all good now, though. And I didn't have to pay for it but I did cook dinner for him as a thank you. Pictures of the color coming some time next week. Or maybe on Sunday. I'd say tomorrow but I already have a post scheduled. ;)

Happy Thursday!

Comments, anyone?


nitebyrd said...

That's a great gift! Well worth waiting for.

Cooking dinner for a great cut & color is a small price, indeed!

GoodWill said...

VERY cool shotglass set. I was a big fan of the first movie. I knew they made a second one but didn't really see it playing anywhere around me. How was it? Worth a rental?

White Nebula said...

Wow. That is awesome! I am now on a mission to buy that for my sis-in-law. It's her favorite flick, too. :) Presents are awesome.

Mistress L said...

Awesome glasses but I can't wait to see the haircut!

Naughty Nikki said...

What a great gift! Wish I had a sister as thoughtful.


Poindexter said...

wonderful gift, totally fabulous amped up hairstyle, you are a happening woman!