Monday, July 12, 2010

Chasing Cars...

Yesterday, I went with The Boyfriend to his car club meeting. After the meeting, we went with a group of the car club people to hang out at one of the car club couple's house. The couple are friends of The Boyfriend and I and they're one of the few people in the car club I actually like, lol. Anyway. A group of us were hanging out at their house and one of the women had gotten Hot Tub Time Machine while picking up snacks to bring over. She had seen it already but got it because she wanted to buy it and thought it would be fun for us to all watch it. She was sitting on the love seat with her new boyfriend and she starts talking about parts in the movie... before they happen. Then they happen and she's like, "See, told you that was funny." Ahahaha, it might have been funnier had I not already been ready for it to happen. I don't like this girl (woman really, I think she's 34 or 35) because she's obnoxious, pretentious, thinks she knows everything and she's a bitch. Not that I needed any more reason to dislike her but there was another one. I dislike when people talk through a movie. I'm okay with a little chatter here and there but not a lot of it. I also just really hate when people give away stuff that happens in movies before it happens. Especially when they know they're the only one in the room that has actually seen the movie. I wanted to take my shoe off and hit her with it. Though, that wouldn't have gone over well. In theory, that stuff is always fun sounding. In reality, it would have caused more trouble than it would have been worth. She's pretty good friends with the female half of our couple friends and out of the 8 people there, only me and another person there really dislike this woman. I don't like causing drama so I didn't throw my shoe. I did make a comment about hating getting narration from the audience. She got the hint, glared at me but shut up after that.

Saturday night (or technically Sunday morning since it was 1:00 AM :p), after The Boyfriend got home from work, we played Scrabble. LONGEST GAME EVER. Probably not but it was longer than any other Scrabble game we've played before. It was a very close game too. But.... I won. :D *victory dance* I love playing Scrabble, though. Especially with him because it's always a good game.

I think Midnight Pomegranate lotion from Bath & Body Works smells like SweetTarts candy. It smells a little like pomegranate to me but mostly, it just smells like the candy.

Earlier Saturday night, I was bored and trying to figure out something to keep myself busy with and decided to go clean the bathroom. I was going to clean the toilet but the scrubby brush to do so has gone M.I.A. I really hate when inanimate objects sprout legs & run off. I have no clue where it was but Sunday, it was back in it's spot. I hate when that happens.

I tweeted this around 8 PM Saturday night: I'm wearing a green glow bracelet. Friend asked why. I said, "In case I run into Superman. I'll fuck his world up." That tweet got retweeted by 13 different people. Which amused the hell out of me. I love when people get amused by the silly things I say.

I love this song. I have no reason behind why I'm posting it other than that. :)

Happy Monday!

Comments, anyone?


phairhead said...

Hurray Music Monday is back!

Charlene said...

I agree with you that people like that "girl" rub me the wrong way. I usually absent myself until thy stop talking but that means I spend lots of time in the bathroom.

nitebyrd said...

It's a good song and you like it, that's enough of a reason!

People that talk during movies need to be punched in the head.

Messing with Superman!?! You're so brave! LOL

Jormengrund said...

You never know.. I love that Snow Patrol song.. Kind of reminds me of Dishwalla's Counting Blue Cars, but then again, it's a good tune in it's own right!

Watch out Superman.. AR is on the prowl!

Arrgh.. Now I need to break out my Disturbed CDs, and find Land of Confusion.. Thanks!

Just A. Girl said...

What is a car club?