Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blah blah blah

I like to clean, for the most part. I think it's partly because I enjoy doing things with my hands (yeah yeah, yuk it up) and partly because I don't particularly care for watching TV so it gives me something productive to do. Which is great because I hate sitting around the house doing nothing. Being unemployed and broke, I do a LOT of sitting around the house right now. Which sucks because I like to go and do a lot. So, to keep occupied, I've been cleaning and organizing a lot lately. Which, in some cases, must be driving the people I live with nuts. I organized the pantry in the kitchen the other day. I can't stand having to move 10 things around to find something because nothing is in order. I'm talking a box of tostada shells sitting next to a sleeve of cookies on the same shelf as canned corn and a bag of rice. There wasn't a lot of structure and organization in there. I figure since I'm the only one who ever really cooks, I can organize the damn pantry so I can find stuff without having to look for 5 minutes. So, I took everything out. Organized. Bam. Once I'm done, the girl comes in looking for NutriGrain bars, opens the pantry and proceeds to look confused because it's organized instead of a little organization with random stuff here and there. The only thing I did worry about was Ms. M coming in from work and seeing I had re-organized her pantry. My defense was ready with the whole "since I'm the only one who cooks...." but I didn't need it. She looked at it, shrugged and said as long as she could still find stuff she didn't care how I organized it. So, I briefly explained where everything was and she was fine with it. Woohoo. I just hope it stays organized for as long as I'm still living here.

Another thing I like doing? Cleaning mirrors and windows. Simply because I love the smell of Windex/window cleaner. I don't really know why, I just think it smells really good. So, I like to clean with it because I like the smell. I usually HATE the smell of cleaning products. Bleach doesn't bother me too much but most other ones? Ick. I hate the Pine cleaner the most. The way that stuff smells makes me want to gag.

I like doing laundry until the folding part comes along. I seriously can't stress enough how misleading The Jetsons were about the future. Where's Rosie? I want a sweet little robot in a maid's outfit rolling around, doing my laundry for me. We're totally supposed to have this by now. Get with it, technology. ;) Since I only have to do mine and the boyfriend's laundry, I don't mind so much. I just have the habit of waiting until I'm running low on clothes to actually do laundry. I always look at the hamper as it starts to fill up and think, "I need to do some laundry" but then I always talk myself out of it because I've still got cleans stuff to wear. One day, I'll learn to make it easier on myself and do a couple small loads every few days instead of waiting over a week to do laundry and then having to spend all day doing it.

Anyway, enough of the cleaning and laundry talk. If you actually read all of that, WHYYY? Isn't it boring enough just thinking about that stuff? Lol. (Thanks if you read it, btw, lol.)

I found out a job I interviewed with is hiring again for the same position I had applied for. They have a small amount of staff and only have one person for the shift that they have up for grabs which is the same one I had applied and interviewed for. I got two interviews for it but they ended up picking someone else instead. Now, a month later, they're hiring again. Great job picking there. Anyway, I figured why the fuck not and applied again. I got a call from the manager Monday but for some reason, she called the home phone. I didn't get the message until hours later so I didn't get to call back since they were closed by the time I got the message. Whatever, I don't care. Maybe she'll fucking hire me this time. That would be awesome. I'm sick of not working. Also tired of going through the interview process. I've been on SO many interviews and a lot of second interviews and all for a lot of nothing so far. I'm also sick of being home all of the time. I hate not working honestly. I feel so lazy and useless. Not to mention being broke just sucks. Anyway, I called back today and it just so happens that Tuesday is her day off. So, I'll call back tomorrow and hope something good comes of it. I need something to work out so I can stop being so stressed and worried over stuff. I'm not normally a worrier or a stresser so this being worried and stressed a lot is new to me. I have to say, I don't much care for it, lol. :)

I just felt like rambling about boring stuff today. Mostly because I haven't been getting much sleep (less than the 4-5 hours a night I usually get, lol) lately so my brain is like dead. Or revolting against me. Though, I blame it for the lack of sleep. So maybe it's revolting against itself? Yeah, anyway.... :)

Do you know why a raven is like a writing desk?

Happy Tuesday!


Tragic™ said...

That's hilarious to me! I absolutely gag over the smell of Windex but I love Pine Sol to death! I even think Neath hates me for my absurd love of Pine Sol, actually..

Incidentally, I'll take the smell of Windex gladly iffin' y'all get real bored and wanna visit my house.. just sayin'

phairhead said...

I have no idea! I love riddles w/no answers

Good luck w/ the job

Poindexter said...

have you tried that windex product for outdoor windows? I did. But I'm not convinced that it's the best thing ever. My windows are still not completely streak free. They're definitely OK, but I had me some high hopes based on the commercials.

Good luck!!

Tim said...

"I think you might do something better with the time, than wasting it in asking riddles that have no answers." -Alice

Another Suburban Mom said...

I do not know about the raven, but if there is anything I can do to help you with the job hunt, please let me know.

Nolens Volens said...

I know the answer to the riddle as posed in "Alice in Wonderland". :D