Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Secrets #2

Saturday Secrets time! If you don't know what this is, go check here. If you want to submit a secret that I'll anonymously post here next Saturday, email it to me (amorousrocker [at] gmail) or you can leave a comment here anonymously. Just say that it's for a Secrets post and I will copy what you leave and not publish the comment. (I have comment moderation on. Again.)

Saturday Secrets #2

This is strange to admit really, but I've always felt the want and desire to dominate a woman. the hole shebang whips chains cuffs her wearing rubber. it would make me happy but when I think about it I don't think the domination would go past the light bondage stage really. as I'm not that big into pain myself. it would just be nice to have the option to progress beyond said level. when it was done and dusted to I'd take her out and treat her like a princess buying her whatever her heart desired. and then take her home and help relax and stuff as I'd have to be in a relationship with said woman I've never mentioned this to any exes as I've always felt strange mentioning the subject. My deep dark desires are written now.

I met someone, and I want to leave him for her. That's right, a woman. Oh, the things I'd do to her... Things that would make him jealous because I never did care for oral with him.

I only liked you because you reminded me of him and I was still in love with him. Now, you're in love with my and I'm going to have to break your heart by ending things. I'm finally over him and the fact that you remind me so much of him bugs me.

I love rubbing it in your face that she left you for me. It's so petty and a part of me feels like a jackass for doing it because I know it's wrong but part of me loves it and loves how good it feels.

That night you had a party and we all got drunk and people slept everywhere? I got to sleep in the room next to your bedroom. I heard you and him fucking and it was kinda loud. I wanked off listening to him fuck you and pretended it was me fucking you while I wanked.

I'm about to graduate college with a Master's Degree. I have been at my current job for 3 years. It makes me great money and I love working there. It has nothing to do with the field I have been studying for 8 years. I don't want to leave my job. Not because I think I'll fail in my field of choice but because the only reason I got my Master's was to prove to my parents that I could because they didn't believe in me.

I idolize my older sister. She's despises me and says she wishes I were never born because she wanted to be an only child. I'm 16 and she is 24. I know she's a nasty person to me but to the rest of the world she's wonderful. I wish I could only see the negative crap in her so that I wouldn't look up to her. I want to hate her the way she hates me.

I love Harry Potter. I wish a world like that existed for real. I would live there.

He thinks I get so into phone sex. I do it for him but I'm only pretending. I'm usually watching a movie or reading a magazine when we're "having phone sex." I just can't get into it and don't enjoy masturbating but he gets off on it so I do it for him.

I am struggling so hard but no one knows. I cry so much but I don't do it in front of anyone and don't tell anyone how much I cry. I feel miserable most of the time but I don't tell anyone and I don't let it show. I'm only really me when I'm by myself. I'm going out and seeing people less and less because it's getting too hard to keep pretending. I know I need help but I can't afford to get it and I'm not brave enough either.

I got so bored during sex with you that I started thinking about what I needed to get done in Farmville and other Facebook games that I play.

Happy Saturday!

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Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Just A. Girl said...

Hi there and interesting post!!

Anonymous said...

LOL I like this post. LOL@ the phone sex girl. Lol at the facebook game gil too.

The little sister shouldn't hate her older sister she should pity her.

Charlene said...

That last one, I've been that bored during sex! Not in the past few years, but when I was dating. Boring sex time is a great time to make lists.

Sarah said...

I love the Sunday Secrets posts.

Anonymous said...

Yep... I am guilty of daydreaming during sex too - course it depends on who I am with.

Fascinating post!!