Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Secrets #4

Saturday Secrets #4

If you want to submit something, email it to me (amorousrocker [at] gmail [dot] com) or leave your secret anonymously in the comments. I have moderation on so I can copy your secret to be posted and the comment will never show up.
None of these are my secrets because well, I don't have anything I want to fess up to this week, lol. I did get a lot of people that submitted plenty for me to use today, though. Thanks to everyone that submitted a secret to be posted here today!

Secret #1: My step-father masturbates in his office late at night. I can see into his office from the backyard and I like to creep out there and watch him jerk off.

Secret #2: I cry myself to sleep every night. Not because I miss you. Because I miss the person I used to be before I changed for you. I'm not sure how to get her back.

Secret #3: I haven't cut in 2 years. I want to lately.


Secret #5: I steal one pair of clean panties from every girl I sleep with and have done so since I lost my virginity. I keep them in a box in the back of my closet and have 26 pairs of panties to date in there. My goal is 50 pairs and I only take one pair from each girl I sleep with. I feel smug when I look at that box not because it represents sex but because I take nice pairs and know those girls must have been annoyed wondering how they "lost" a pair of panties.

Secret #6: I feel semi sorry for all the sex bloggers who feel like they're special and important just because they have a lot of people following their blogs. Tons of those people only come for the smut so good for you for supplying people with a spank bank and then feeling superior about it. You're not famous just because you are well known in your little corner of the internet. Get a fucking life in the real world and stop spending so much time "living" online!!!

Secret #7: I love to masturbate but I have never had an orgasm from masturbating.

Secret #8: I love Lady GaGa but I won't ever admit it to anyone that asks.

Secret #9: I think you're a horrible human being but I can't stop watching you as you self destruct and spiral out of control. You are the definition of a train wreck and I cannot look away and I pity you for not realizing just how fucked up you are.

Secret #10: I have been sexually active regularly for 9 years and have NEVER had an orgasm. The longest I have gone without sex is 3 months. Nothing. I have seen doctors, read books, tried all I know to try and all I have been told to try and STILL NOTHING. I am afraid something is wrong with me that keeps me from getting to reach and experience an orgasm.

Secret #11: I masturbated with your toothbrush. Then I put it in my butthole. I put it back but didn't clean it.

Secret #12: If I could make you dead with my mind, I would do it. Just kidding I don't want you dead but if I could make you suffer with my mind the way I suffered for you, I would do it.

Secret #13: I hate that my mom is marrying you. She could do way way way WAY WAY better. Asshole. My real dad didn't deserve her and you don't deserve her either.
I hate that she settles for less than she deserves because she keeps getting with men who treat her like crap.

Secret #14: I want to fuck my therapist. He's gay and it'll never happen but I fantasize about it during sessions and sometimes when I wank.

Secret #15: Sometimes, I dance around my room and pretend that I'm dancing with you and you're twirling me around a glamorous ballroom like Bell and Beast at the end of the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast.

Secret #16: I love blogging but I cannot stand most other bloggers and it makes me happy that not a lot of people read my blog or even "know" who I even am. Most are so self-centered and arrogant and think their lives are so fucking great or that they as a person as so great and it makes me laugh. I wonder how much of it is real and how much is just what they wish is real because they're too scared to live the life that they wish they lived. I think if some people had the full lives they claim to then they wouldn't have so much free time to constantly blog and talk on twitter about what they're doing all the time.

Secret #17: I cry every time I watch Dirty Dancing. I want something like that. Someone to believe in me. Someone to make me feel that I'm more than just that girl in the corner no one notices.

Secret #18: I slept with her then I slept with her sister later that night. Two weeks later, I got a blowjob from their mom. I want to fuck their older brother.

Secret #19: I prefer the fantasy world I have created in my mind because reality scares me.

Secret #20:
I'm 26 and I'm still a virgin. I've had tons of chances but I'm so self-conscious about my small penis that I haven't ever taken up any offers of oral sex or intercourse.

Whew! That does it for the secrets today. If you submitted one last weekend or during the week at any time and don't see it here today, it'll be posted next weekend. I actually have a few more left but I decided to stop at 20 in case I don't get many submissions from now until then. Thanks again to everyone for submitting their secrets for me to use. ;)

And remember, if
you want to submit a secret for me to use in a future post, email it to me (amorousrocker [at] gmail [dot] com) or leave your secret anonymously in the comments. :)

Have a good weekend, y'all!

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Just A. Girl said...

Secrets #6 and #16 caught my eye.

I've read recent blog posts about disliking bloggers as opportunists, more interested in advancing themselves, schmoozing for book deals, and selling sex toys.

Interesting theme. Are all bloggers self-obsessed attention seekers?

Is someone reading my blog and judging me negatively for it?

Charlene said...

#16 !

I missread it as "their" toothbrush and though who would do that! But now I see it's "your" toothbrush. I can undeerstand that.

Anonymous said...


My name is sg and I am a self-obsessed, attention seeking, comment whoring blogger pimping my wares on the net. Nice to meetcha.

Wow....we got some blog haters out there. We live in a free capitalistic country with opps to make money via supply & demand. And if someone wants to sell boogers from their blog then I will applaud their freedom to do so (though I doubt I will buy any).


Eliot said...

I so identify with #6, #9 and #16. OK, so I don't feel even the least bit sorry for those bloggers. As for what's real and what's made up, I bet a lot is made up or at the least exaggerated.

I gotta say, some of the behavior in these secrets skeeve me out and makes me glad I don't know these people. lol


sarahbear said...

I kind of love that you do this. I've been reading Post Secret for a few years and this hits a little more close to home. It's kind of neat knowing that someone in this circle left these and agreeing with some of them.