Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Secrets #3

If this doesn't auto-post, I blame the inter for failing. Or Blogger. Whatever.

Also, thanks to everyone who has submitted a secret to be posted here.
:) If you want to submit something, email it or leave your secret in
the comments.

Secret #1: I hate your beard. If I could shave it while you slept
without fear of harming you, I would do it.

Secret #2: I'm ashamed to admit this but sometimes when we fuck, I
fantasize about his hot older brother.

Secret #3: I hate the pot roast you make that you think is so delish.
It's DRY bitch!

Secret #4: It was me the melted jelly beans and gummy bears and poured
the mix into your shoes. I let her take the fall because she's such a

Secret #5: The smell of deodorant (most anyway) totally fucking turns
me the fuck on. Mmm yeah.

Secret #6: Everytime I've ever "accidentally" grazed your dick too
hard with my teeth it happened on purpose because I was mad at you.

Secret #7: you could do much better than me but I'll never tell.

Secret #8: you're too smart for me. I pretend to follow what you're
saying as I google the words so I can find their definitions just so I
can understand what the hell you are saying.

Secret #9: Watching you eat turns me on.

Secret #10: I will never forgive you for Baylynne 425.

Secret #11: I'm overweight yet I look at fat people with so much
disgust. I can't stand fat people.

Secret #12: My socks, bra, panties and make-up all have to match and
be color coordinated with my outfits. You dressing like such a slob
makes me so mad.

Secret #13: I still cry every time I hear "our song" even though it
has been 3 years since you moved on.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted a secret for me to post! :)
Also, not one of these is a secret of mine this week but a few belong
to good blog buddies. ;)

Happy Saturday!


Charlene said...


Men never consider the insanity of a BJ regards women and teeth.

Anonymous said...

I always told every chick #7 but never convinced em!

#9 had to be a chick, the he must eat like me cause I always heard that too. I don't get it but whatever works for ya I reckon. Hell keep cooking and I'll keep eating!

Just A. Girl said...

Hmm. #9 is interesting. I've never found eating or food to be erotic. I might be the odd girl out on this one.