Thursday, June 24, 2010

Questions, rambling, lol...

In a perfect world, what 7 foods would you make completely healthy but they would still taste just as good as they do now?
Pizza, ice cream, fried chicken, cupcakes, spaghetti, waffles and Chipotle burritos.

If the Dallas Stars moved away to another state or city, would you still be loyal to them?
Yes but I'd be pissed. I'd be sad about not getting to go to Stars games any more, too. That would suck. Luckily the AAC and the Stars have an agreement that prevents the Stars from leaving Dallas.

If someone paid you one million tax free dollars, would you openly cheer against the Stars during a game while attending said game?
Uh... possibly. That's a lot of money and I'm broke as hell. And seriously, that's a lot of money. I'd probably agree to do it for the money and then forget about it, lol. Can I cheer against certain players on my team that I dislike instead? :D

Those 3 questions were posed to me by a reader. She asked if I would answer them on my blog instead of just replying to her e-mail. I said sure so there you are. :)

I love being able to see my blog stats and see some of the odd things people Google that some how put them on my blog. :D I wonder how disappointed they are sometimes when they find a boring blog that has nothing to do with their search, though. :)

One of my friends was going to attempt to burn me copies of her P90X DVDs and mail them to me. (She moved 7 hours away from Dallas so going over to them or do the work outs with her is not feasible.) Then she found out the burner she has doesn't burn DVDs. It also doesn't burn music either. Apparently spilling orange soda on electronics ruins them. Who would have thought that? :p (She spilled a soda on it a month ago, cleaned it off on the surface with a towel and assumed it would be fine. Aye.)

I don't get why people get free things and then complain about the quality of said items. You buy cheap stuff, you get a cheap product more often than not. Hence the whole 'you get what you pay for' thing. So, when people get free items and then bitch about them being poor quality or not up to their standards... duh? You want a better product, go buy the better product. Stores don't often give out expensive, well made stuff so if you're going somewhere because the first 200 people are getting someone free? Don't expect champagne when a bulk package of kool-aid mix is cheaper. They're using the free product to try and get you in to buy stuff. They know most people are just coming for the free stuff. They're not going to be out a lot of money on an expensive product when they won't make the profit back let alone break even. It's simple. Just sayin'.

The NHL Awards were last night. See, I watch award shows! At least that one, anyway. I just can't care about entertainment awards since I don't like most mainstream music or television and I hardly see movies and just don't care about pop culture in general. I digress. This was one of the funniest part of the show. The skit with the Anaheim Ducks players, even though I dislike the Ducks quite a lot as a general rule. This shit is funny as hell. Though, I can't guarantee a non-hockey fan will find it as funny. You never know, lol.

Bobby Ryan vs. Ryan Getzlaf.

Happy Thursday!

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Weekends Off said...

Hi there, fun questions! I'm just stopping by to say HI but anyway, even though ya didn't ask hahaha

In a perfect world, what 7 foods would you make completely healthy but they would still taste just as good as they do now?
I'd keep your list and add bacon, eggs and any kind of fried potato you can imagine. Oh, and sausage.