Monday, June 28, 2010

Product Review: LELO Gigi

I received the LELO Gigi to review from the nice people over at Adult Sex Toys in this pretty color. I call it fuchsia, LELO calls it "deep rose" but either way...

I was initially excited to try this toy. It's my second LELO product and they have such great hype for being well made toys. Aside from being well made, people rave about their performance. I'm a cynical person so I don't often fall prey to a lot of hype because I always believe if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So my excitement for tying a second LELO toy was more to see if I would like this one or not. I didn't enjoy my Ella. I have to tell you, I didn't enjoy Gigi too much either. So if you're looking for another review singing nothing but praise for the Gigi, this isn't the one you'll want to read. There are plenty out there, however.

I don't normally talk packaging but LELO's packaging is impressive. They make sure their
"luxury" sex toys arrive in style. The box matches the color of the toy. Then you open it up and there's another box inside, black and quite nice made out of study material. Inside you find all of this:

There's Gigi firmly in the sturdy holding place. You lift the toy out and underneath is a satin storage pouch, guarantee, instruction manual in several different languages and the charger for the sex toy.

One of the things I do like about Gigi is that it comes with a charger. Rechargeable sex toys eliminate the need for batteries. Which is not only environmentally friendly but nice since batteries can be fucking expensive and not something I can afford to spend money on right now, lol. You plug the toy in, let it charge for 2 hours and voila. It's ready to go and holds a pretty decent charge. I was able to use it a number of times for my reviewer research off of one charge. I think I got roughly about 3 hours of play time on one charge. Maybe a little more. You cannot use it while plugged in so make sure to fully charge it, then remove it from the adapter. The light around the control pad lights up while charging. When it turns red, it's time to charge it again.

Now when it comes to sex toy material, silicone is pretty much my favorite thing. The handle is hard plastic and smooth but I had a little trouble keeping a good grip on it because it's small. Also the control pad takes up most of the front of the handle so it was hard for me to keep the kind of grip I like to keep on a toy for control without messing with the buttons on accident. The toy is non-porous, Phthalates free and feels good to the touch. There aren't any ribs, twists, turns or other textures to feel with Gigi. Just a sleek silicone covered shaft that's incredibly smooth, almost luxurious in a way. The color is fun and pretty, too.

Lets talk size. This G-spot vibrator is not for anyone who likes size when it comes to picking out toys. The toy itself is 6 1/2" in length but you can only insert 4 1/2" inches of the toy. With a circumference of 3 1/2" inches and a 1 1/8" diameter, Gigi is pretty petite.

Size is one of my complaints about the lovely Gigi. It doesn't hit the spot for me like it does for a lot of people who have used it. The flat head and slight curve are meant to work your g-spot into a frenzy. It doesn't do it for me because it doesn't quite reach my g-spot. Also with thrusting, it was hooking onto my pelvic bone. Not fun, not sexy, no thanks.

There are multiple settings to work your way through, so if you're not prone to reading instructional manuals you may just want to make an exception in this case. ;) Though, it's easy to figure out. There are five programmed stimulation modes.

First: Continuous vibrations.
Second: Extended interval pulsations.
Third: Intermediate interval pulsations.
Fourth: Short interval pulsations.
Fifth: Wave pulsation.

The built in control pad lights up and is easy to use. A little too easy because I had issues switching between the vibration and speed settings accidentally. The control pad has an arrow pointing up and an arrow putting down for the top and bottom controls. This controls the vibration setting. The left to right are a plus and minus. You turn the toy on by pressing down on the plus sign. The +/- controls the intensity of the vibrations once you find the setting you want. It also has a locking feature so you can lock the vibrator to prevent it from accidentally turning itself on if you have it in a suitcase, purse or anywhere it could rub against something and accidentally come on. That's another plus for it.

The vibrations go from barely there on the lowest setting to vroom on the highest setting. Only one vroom, no vroom vroom. The vibrations aren't bad but I would have preferred them to be a little stronger, at least. I like really strong vibrations, though. Of course, I would have also liked it to reach my g-spot but I digress. If you're fine without really strong vibrations, you might find the vibrations here really pleasant. The lowest vibrations kind of reminded me of being softly, sweetly caressed. Just, you know, on the inside.

Even though I didn't enjoy thrusting with this and didn't get any g-spot stimulation out of it,
I did try the toy on other parts of me where size/shape wasn't an issue. I used it on my nipples, that was fine and dandy. I have uber sensitive nipples and love having mine teased. I used it on my clit, it worked well there. However, for what it costs, I don't recommend it for nipple and clit play only. I also tested it as a massager on some sore muscles in my fore arm and it did nicely at working those, too. It's nice to find alternate uses sometimes. ;)

I didn't use this toy anally and pretty much think inserting this toy anally would be a bad idea. Don't do it. It's small, there's not a flared based to keep it from going places it doesn't belong and it's not easy to keep a good tight grip on.

Cleaning is easy. Blah blah blah, warm water and soap. Make sure the rubber piece that goes into the charging adapter hole is securely in place, avoid getting that area wet. Avoid getting the control pad wet. Gigi isn't waterproof and she's an expensive little thing so you wouldn't want to kill her while cleaning it. Toy cleaner or toy wipes work well too. Also, never use silicone lube on your silicone toy unless you're trying for some odd reason to ruin your pretty new toy.

Noise wise? LELO's are known for being quiet toys. I will give them that. Gigi is super quiet. On a scale of 1-5, I'd put the noise level at 1.5 or possibly a 2. No more than that, though. I used it the first time without any music or background noise and I could only hear a faint murmur or something. With a little background noise on, I didn't hear a murmur or anything else. Definitely another plus side there.

My issues with Gigi are the size, the vibrations not being as powerful as I like and the fact that it doesn't hit my g-spot like it should. Which is a bummer but at least I can still use it for other things once in a while so it's not just sitting in its pretty little box going unused.

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Happy Monday!

Comments, please?


Just A. Girl said...

Wow. Rarely do I read a negative toy review. Thanks for your honesty. I've looked at lots of the LELO products and have wanted to try one but haven't made the leap yet.

Britni TheVadgeWig said...

I think I sent you the link to my Gigi review. I, too, was disappointed in it. It was too small and not strong enough. In fact, I gave it to a friend.

Eliot said...

Good review. I have the Ella and enjoyed it, but never really wanted the Gigi. Vibrations on my g-spot don't really do anything for me, so I don't see the point in owning it.

A said...

Love these reviews!

phairhead said...

Wow! 0 for 2 w/ LELO. sometimes expensive does not = mind erasing orgasm

sex toy for men said...

Yes, I agree. Thank you for sharing.

Joan Price said...

The Gigi is one of my all-time favorites for exactly the reason you don't like it -- the slimmer size is best for me, and the shape hits my yowza spot just right! Some day there will be a way to tell ahead of time if the dimensions will work, but for now, we just try different toys until we find what's right.

AngelaR said...

what would you recommend? I just got the Gigi and I was unimpressed for the same reasons you listed.

Mrs. X said...


I also find LELO GIGI great for clit simulation, but doesn't quite work for me for g-spot.

I find the vibration level pretty strong and can't think of any other vibrators I've ever owned/tested that are stronger than LELO GIGI.

I love its size and long-lasting battery life.

Jasmine said...

Hey, thanks for being honest. I actually really enjoy the Gigi for all the reasons you seem to dislike it - it's not too big, I love the G-spot stimulation. Plus, it wasn't too expensive (I got mine at Paris Intimates, I think if I'd paid what you would pay in a store (something like $100, right?) I might see it in a different light.

Rave65 said...

Something they will not tell you in the shop...

If you ask where they are made, they'll say, "It is a Swedish product."

Although LELO positions itself as a high-end "Swedish sex life accessory label" and a "designer brand", these products are made in China. LELO may have designed and specified very high-end, safe materials for the products, but that does not mean that is what ends up in the final product. It is standard practice to cut corners and slightly modify recipes of materials to boost the margins or throughput. Who knows if these are materials that you want contacting the sensitive tissue inside your body. That's just one issue.

Pricing is the other. In Switzerland, you'll pay >CHF 169 (>$200) for a LELO product. That pricing fits for a high-end "MADE in SWEDEN" brand. That does not fit for a "MADE in the PRC" product. Plastics and electronics for $200? And it can't even make a call or surf the web? Forget it.

vikki said...

thanks for an honest review - it's one of the few I've read that wasnt glowing...going to have to do some more research now!

Anonymous said...

If you need more power, try the Hitachi magic wand.

Ashly Star said...

vikki, no problem. :) Hope you find what you're looking for!

Anon, been there done that. I'm not a fan of the Hitachi.

Lelo Soraya Addict said...

Ashly, you're a freak-a-zoid, but I luv ya! And, I luv your writing style. You are ONE "witty clitty" girl.

As for Lelo? I openly admit to being somewhat of a glutton when it cums to so-called luxury sex toys - and Lelo have built their brand around the concept.

However, since I have a shameless fetish for such lust-enhancing devices" (indirectly as a result of working for a company that sells them), I do get to ummm "try the merchandize" occasionally.

My own thoughts about Lelo Gigi: It looks sooooo sexy... but fails to deliver the sort of 'bang for my buck' that I expected from it.

Now ask me about the Lelo Oden (better still, ask my partner...lolol) and the Lelo Soraya. OMG! Serious "twinge" material. Just soooo much better than the Gigi, and worth every cent of the extra cost.

In closing, I would also like to say that I agree with "Just A. Girl" when she thanked you for such an honest review. You absolutely "deserve" the affiliate commissions from whatever sales you initiate as a result of your "no b.s." approach to adult toy reviews.

Venus said...

Why oh why did I just find this now...I purchased my first Lelo (Iris) in 2007 and was very impressed and honestly addicted to it....I thought I'd treat myself and got an Ina last week, I received it today after a week of agony, and if I am sat here typing instead of enjoying it then it there is a problem - it's horrible! It's flimsy compared to my 2007 one, the plastic feels and looks cheap, I was too scared to try it properly, turned it on after 10 mins charge and I'm just not happy with it :( Lesson learned and now I do not recommmend Lelo to my friends anymore, which is a shame because I absolutely loved it. If I wanted a nasty cheap toy I would've just gone into a tatty sex shop -- and I still paid £100 quid for this! If you have any better ones to recommend, please do!

forgetful said...

So glad it isn't just me. I've had a Lelo Nea for a long time which I loved, so I thought the Gigi would be a safe bet, but it's just too small and petite to hit the spot for me. I don't know what I'm going to do with mine. I think I'll give it a really good clean and pass it on to a friend.

Have you tried the Eroscillator? That thing is absolutely mind-blowing. The price is a turn-off, and god knows it took me a long time to work up to spending that much, but the orgasms I've had with mine have been the deepest I've ever felt. (It's worth mentioning I have the Deluxe version with 'Extra Power' so I can't speak for the normal version.) It is especially fabulous when you use it with a dildo (the Tantus Silk Large is great). Just... wow.

N said...

I was really excited about the Gigi. I had heard a lot of positive reviews, but unfortunately I haven't been impressed with the design. The shape is actually really uncomfortable to use. It's definitely not worth the price.

Anonymous said...

I ordered from Lelo through intimina website and have yet to receive my purchase. It's delayed in customs along with 147 other customers items since September 22nd pending FDA paperwork from the sender. I didn't know it was coming from China and they only communicate through emailif and when they decide to communicate at all.

seummer said...

I was thinking to buy one and this is why I found your review. I am a small size, 160cm, is it long enough for me?

Julie-Anne said...


Thanks for an honest and open review. The Lelo Gigi 2 is out now - it claims to have more power and is now totally waterproof.

Not sure if the shape has changed at all though.

In response to another previous comment, it is true that Lelo products are made in China, however Lelo claim to control their own manufacturing plants rather than subcontracting, so in theory at least there should be no concerns over material quality or product safety.


Mercedes said...

Personally, I love the Gigi for clitotal stimulation, I am writing a review on it today and I thought it was great. It's still one of my go-to toys!