Thursday, June 3, 2010


I am : never sure if I'm stronger than I know or just stronger than most people think.

I think : far too much sometimes and not enough other times.

I know : that I am a good and caring person, even when other people fail to see that.

I want : to feel like I belong to something worthwhile.

I have : so much to learn still.

I wish : that I would get a job soon. Come on, people!

I hate : disappointing myself.

I miss : being worry free.

I fear : never making anything of myself.

I feel : isolated, lately.

I hear : the true meaning behind your words.

I smell : fear.

I crave : knowledge.

I search : for answers and perception.

I wonder : if people see me as I see me.

I regret : nothing.

I love : my family and my boyfriend more than they all know.

I ache : for things I used to think I'd never want.

I am not : who many people assume I am.

I believe : things happen for a reason.

I dance : when I'm happy.

I sing : because I love to, because it makes my feel better, feel free.

I cry : rarely and rarely in front of anyone.

I don't always : let my feelings out.

I fight : fiercely, especially when it's something I believe in.

I write : to clear my mind.

I win : some and lose some, but I always look to things as learning experience.

I lose : myself in thought a lot of the time.

I never : mean to let my temper go so easily.

I always : try to find a balance between cynicism and optimism.

I confuse : myself, sometimes.

I listen : more than people think I do.

I can usually be found : with music in my ears and too many thought running through my mind.

I am scared : of some rather silly things.

I need : a job.

Happy Thursday!


FiremanPat said...

I am impressed at how honest you can be. I am jealous actually... I agree with most of the things you wrote fit in my life too, but I don't know if I could have been so honest! Thanks for the inspiration to open up!

Nolens Volens said...

That's why I like will speak your mind. Good post.

Anonymous said...


all love


Florida Dom said...

Yhanks for sharing so many of your feelings and good luck on the job hunt.


phairhead said...

sometimes when you act brave so other people feel brave, yr heart caves in