Monday, June 21, 2010

How I celebrated my birthday...

Friday night I got to go out and celebrate my birthday (actual birthday was on Tuesday) with a small group of friends and my boyfriend.

Earlier in the day, I had a job interview.

After the interview, the boyfriend took me to TGI Fridays for dinner. He wanted to take me to The Cheesecake Factory but I opted for Fridays instead. Not that I don't love The CF because oh my gosh... if I could afford it, I'd splurge and eat there once a week. I've been wanting Fridays for weeks, though. We don't usually have money to eat out so I took my opportunity to go to the place I've been wanting to go to for weeks. I don't eat a lot of stuff from there ironically but they have this burger that I fucking love so... Craving satisfied. :D

After that, we roamed around Barnes & Noble for a while. I had a $15 gift card to use that one of my friends had given me Tuesday for my birthday. I ended up not using it and then we went home so we could get ready for the night ahead.

We got ready to go out. We went and picked up one of my friends, Short Girl. We went to the beer store so SG could get some beverages for herself. She got Mike's Hard Pomegranate Punch and Smirnoff Lemonade and also a 12 pack of Coors Light for CL. (Since I haven't talked about my friends in a long time, CL and SG are now dating and have been for a couple months now thus ending their 3 years of flirting and crushing. Awww.) Then we went to pick up CL and his Uno cards. Then it was back to the house because I forgot to grab the bottle of rum out of the closet that I was given for this night. Then Graphics Guy and his new girlfriend, whom we'll call Drinksky, met up with us. Foghat was supposed to come with but he ended up bailing. No big deal, I pretty much expected him to do that since it's what he does a lot lately. Once we had everyone and everything together, we went off to Main Event.

At Main Event, there were drinks. SG bought me my first drink. Then some air hockey going on. I rocked that shit. I did lose one game to the boyfriend. I won the rest, I believe. Then there was more drinking. Drinksky got my next drink. Then some more games. Then some Jell-O shots that were terrible that we decided to do before we left. Then we got hit on by one of the cops that was patrolling in there that night as we stood in the bar area waiting on the guys. Cop was kind of creepy. We went off to get back to the guys so we could leave.

We left. We went to Kroger's so GG and Drinksky could buy some beer. We then hit up a Wendy's for the dollar menu because Drinksky informed us she had not eaten all day and CL and SG were also hungry.

After that, we went to one of our friend's apartment. We'll call him SC. Sheesh, I seriously need to update my cast list, apparently. :D Anyway. We got there, got all the booze upstairs. His girlfriend was already asleep but thankfully she's a sound sleeper. We got all the booze situated in the refrigerator and then Inglourious Basterds went into the DVD player while we got to drinking. We chatted for about half an hour. SC and the Boyfriend went into the extra room in the apartment to check out some computer stuff. I grabbed CL's Uno cards and we played Uno. And drank. And talked. And laughed. And stopped once in a while to watch a bloody scene in the movie before getting back to the Uno play. After more drinking, CL tossed a bottle cap down SG's shirt and she smacked him and told him to get it out. He laughed and told me to get it out. I said I'd pass. I'm not attracted to SG and she's not interested in females in the slightest bit. Drinksky then piped up and "accidentally" dropped a bottle cap down her shirt and asked me to fish it out, with my mouth. Which lead to a discussion, drunkenly, over Uno, about sexuality. Totally interesting but the fact that it was interesting was about all I remember about it, lol.

Playing Uno turned into us sitting there drinking more than playing and not keeping up with who was supposed to be playing one. I got the brilliant idea that we should go for a walk and find one of the pools in SC's apartment complex. He had mentioned earlier we should have brought stuff to swim in so we could go swimming.

Now mind you, this was at... hell I don't even remember what time it was. Some time after 2 AM. I think it was around 3 AM. Anyway, I had the idea that we needed to go on an adventure and find the pool. SC mentioned that they closed it at midnight but didn't lock it. I wanted to go swimming. SG pointed out that we didn't have stuff to change into. I slurred on about how I didn't need no stinking swimsuit. Drinksky was all for it as was CL. GG went along with it and SG decided she'd at least come along for the walk. SC and Boyfriend told us to hold on and they would walk down with us. We left without them, lol. They ended up getting to the pool at the same time we did. Since SC knew where it was and my group was on the adventure of walking around until we found it.

We went in and Drinksky and I headed for the jacuzzi. It was on and bubbling. The water was too damn hot especially since it was still in the high 80's to low 90's outside. (Thanks, Texas summer! ;)) So, we tested the pool water and it felt awesome. The "deep end" was actually in the middle of the pool and was a whopping 4 feet deep, lol. None of us were hammered and the Boyfriend was the sober driver (because we ALWAYS have one) and SC doesn't even drink alcohol.

I took of my socks, shoes, jewelry, put my cell in my shoes, took of my jeans and into the pool I went. Then, I remembered it would be a good idea to take my t-shirt off too, haha. So I took that off and tossed it to the side. My boyfriend laid it on the chair making sure to keep the wet shirt away from my dry jeans and shoes. That left me in my underwear, bra and a tank top that I had on under my t-shirt. Drinksky's drunk ass jumped in fully clothed and then remembered to take her pants off. We swam around a few minutes, trying to get SG to jump in. She doesn't do stuff like that normally at all. So, I left her alone about it and swam around with Drinksky. SG ended up jumping in fully clothed. CL pointed out that she was the only one with pants on in the pool and suggested she take them off. She didn't and only stayed in the pool for a few minutes because she was freaked out about getting caught. CL and GG ended up stripping down to their boxers and getting in the pool with Drinksky and I. They didn't stay in the pool for more than a few minutes either. Drinksky and I swam around and talked while everyone else sat on the lounge chairs talking. SC left to go grab a bunch of towels and then came back down. Some random people came into the pool area asking if we had seen their drunk friend who had some how gotten lost wandering around the apartment complex. We had seen someone wandering around on the other side so they took off to try and find their friend. (They did and it was the person we had seen wandering around.) Drinksky and I ended up talking about boobs (nothing abnormal there ;)) and some how she ended up fondling mine in the pool. Then we wanted some more drinks so we got out and wrapped up in the towels.

On the walk back to his apartment, SC joked that he hoped his girlfriend didn't wake up because he didn't want to have to explain why there were 3 drunk half naked girls wrapped in towels hanging out in the living room. She's cool as hell, though, so he would have explained and it would have been fine. He let us put our wet stuff in the dryer. I had an extra shirt (from my interview earlier in the day) in the trunk of my boyfriend's car. So I tossed my underwear into the trunk, put on my dry jeans and the shirt from interview and went back upstairs.

I got back up to the apartment and Drinksky was opening a beer in the kitchen. I poured another rum and coke and we both took a shot of rum while we were at it. SG had taken off her belt and laid it on the kitchen counter. Drinksky grabbed it and informed me it was time for my birthday spankings. GG, who was sitting in the living room with the boyfriend, CL and SC pointed out that it was birthday spanking time in a cheerful manner. I laughed and let Drinksky administer the birthday spankings. She was drunk, her aim sucked, she lost count, I have no clue how many I actually got but I know she got a few good hits in so it's all good.

After that, there was more talking and a lot of laughing while we waited for the stuff to dry. Around 5 AM or maybe 5:30 AM we ended up getting everything together and leaving SC's apartment to make the drive back home. He lives around 40 minutes away from where we all live. People passed out in the car on the drive back. I stayed awake because I wasn't sleepy. Just drunk and happy.

I haven't gone out much at all lately because I can't afford to. I do have friends that offer but I don't take them up on those offers very often because I refuse to let them pay for me to go out. When I can afford to, I go. If they're insistent, I might go. Usually, I say thank you and decline unless they want me to come to their house and hang out. I'm not going to let other people pay my way just so I can get out of the house. It's boring as shit sitting at home all the time but I don't feel right letting other people pay for me too often. My birthday however, that's totally fine. No one should ever pay for their own birthday celebration. ;)

It wasn't any super wild and crazy night. It was a lot of fun, though. The most fun I've had in a long time and definitely one of the best birthday's I've ever celebrated. It was a little odd not seeing my family for my birthday, to be honest. This was the first one that I was away from them for. I haven't seen them in almost a year, though. Maybe next year I'll be able to see them for my birthday. Or you know, maybe I can see them for Christmas this year. It was odd spending Christmas with my boyfriend and his family. They do things so much more differently than my family does but I digress.

I was going to post this yesterday but I ended up spending most of the day on the phone talking to my grandparents, a few friends and my dad. Cooking dinner. Hanging out with the Boyfriend and his mama. Listening to music and reading. Lounging outside on the back of my boyfriend's car looking at the stars. You know, nothing too productive but more relaxing than looking at a computer screen. ;)

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect birthday away from family. Glad you had a good time.

Ginger said...

Wow! That was a long read but it was worth the time spent! It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Especially the swimming and spankings bits!!! ~wink~ You deserve it too hon!

Good for you for not mooching off your buds. I know it must be so tempting at times and it IS good that you take them up on their offers from time to time. Something good will come your way soon. You are too good of a person to be getting dealt such a shit lot right now. ~hugs~

I did not know you live away from your family. Must be a far distance? What a shame as you seem as if you're close with them? ~hugs~

Happy Monday to you, also! XOXOX

Ashly Star said...

Thank you!
My bdays with family are always fun. I do something with them and then later that night, I'd go party with friends. Balance. ;)

They live in Northern CA so yeah, good bit away from Dallas. And I am close with my family.
Thanks for commenting. :)

Kara & Jessica said...

Hi Ashly, glad you had a such a great time. Seems like you had a wonderful celebration.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun fun fun to me!

Glad your b-day party was a good one!

Charlene said...

I have missed so much in my life by not drinking. Sigh.

I'm glad you have a good time and Happy Birthday!

Masquerade said...

Awesome birthday!!! I got to go out about two weeks after my 21st and didn't pay for a single drink. Some guys are such gentlemen :P