Saturday, May 1, 2010

The winner?!


In case y'all didn't know. I wrote down the name of every single person who commented on a piece of paper. Then the people who only tweeted about it went on a piece of paper. Then all the little rectangles of paper went into a box. Then people who commented that also tweeted about it and/or posted on their blogs about it got extra entries. Then I shook them all up and picked a name at random. You know, to be fair. As fair as the luck of the draw is. So, I KNOW WHO WON! :D

Except, I can't get the fucking video to upload, so y'all don't get to know yet, lol. SORRY! It's 3:37 AM here and I need to go to bed. Tired and I'm not feeling well. If I can get the video to cooperate and upload like it's supposed to, I'll have it up sometime Saturday afternoon/evening. If not, it has to wait until Monday. I hate what technology wants to be a bitch. Pfft.

And yes, I know I could just do it without the video. I could just say who won and be done with it... but, I went and put the effort into doing a video and more so, I tried repeatedly to get it to upload and no dice. Now, it's a matter of technology not beating me. I will prevail.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

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Just A. Girl said...

Oooh the suspense :)

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

lol. FAIL!

Southern Sage said...

I won I won!
ok I prolly didn't win.