Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Through Their Eyes: The Drinker

My last Through Their Eyes post was on November, 2009. So, I decided it was about time to do another one. If you're new around here or just don't remember, T.T.E. is where I get someone from my real life to answer some questions about themselves and then answer a crapload about me. Hence, you get to see what someone in my real life thinks about me. Fun times, right? If you want to see the other posts in the Through Their Eyes posts, click here and check them out. Anyway, here is the fifth one! Enjoy.

Hi, my name is: The Drinker apparently ;) Very fitting blog nickname too I might add! lol

1. The one body part I never want to quite working would be: my penis. Seriously.

2. My favorite sport to watch is: football, hockey, baseball, soccer.

3. My worst habits are: biting my nails, not keeping my car as clean as I should and procrastinating like a motherfucker.

4. My favorite kind of cookies are: free ones that someone else baked haha. Especially homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and homemade sugar cookies. ;)

5. My biggest fear is: that the world will run out of beer before I die! Or bears, really big spiders that may attack me in my sleep and clowns.

6. My comfort foods are: cheeseburgers, lasagna, lobster bisque, fried chicken with macaroni and cheese, pizza and cake.

7. I get complimented most on my: sense of humor and hairy yet muscular legs.

8. People tend to think I am: an asshole but I'm not, just sarcastic and deeply honest and they're too thin in the skin to handle it. ;)

9. People say that I have a great: heart, sense of humor, Elvis impersonation.

10. I never leave the house without: love in my heart, a smile on my face, wallet in my back pocket, keys, cell phone and some gum.

11. My relationship with Ashly Star is best explained as: simple at times and complicated at other times, depends on some things but she's always a really good friend to me for whatever reason and I love her for always being there for me.

12. Ashly would be the first to know: if I got pregnant because I know she would do the right thing and start exploiting me properly by calling sleazy tabloids rocking the shit out of the "first man pregnant" thing to make us some money.

13. I have known Ashly for: Almost 9 years.

14. Ashly's worst habit is: hmm I guess expecting too much from herself (if you can count that as a habit?) and peeling her nail polish off right after she paints her fucking nails lol.

15. The thing I love about Ashly's personality is: she's fun as hell to be around, has a great sense of humor and some how the weirdest/most interesting shit always seems to go down when she's present.

16. I envy Ashly's: budgeting skills.

17. I pick on Ashly about: her weird ass eating habits lol.

18. Something about Ashly that makes me shake my head: she freaks out over june bugs but snakes she's okay with.

19. I admire Ashly's: spirit and strength. It's hard to break her down no matter how much life sucks or how stressed she gets.

20. One of Ashly's favorite places to go eat is: Chick-fil-A.

21. Something that annoys Ashly is: that Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday haha! Also being lied to and rude people to name a couple more.

22. Five words that best describe Ashly are: intelligent, funny, strong, beautiful (inside and out) and free-spirited.

23. Ashly's favorite type of shoes are: flip flops.. even in Winter.

24. Something I've never done with Ashly but want to do is: go on a road trip to a city of our choice and then explore that city without any real plans and see what happens.

25. A big misconception about Ashly is: that she's a cold-hearted person. She has a big heart, just doesn't let people close to her often or easily and doesn't show her emotions that easily and it gives off the impression that she's cold.

26. People may be surprised to know that Ashly: can name off ridiculous amount of sports stats about hockey players that aren't on the Stars, can burp louder than most men, doesn't like watching porn and she hates peas for no apparent reason (which is lame because peas are delicious.)

27. The last time I hung out with Ashly we: went to see a movie, got lost, ended up on a rooftop, dropped Nerds (candy pieces not nerdy kids that would be mean) off of the same rooftop, ate at IHOP then stayed up until sunrise talking and drinking beer on my back porch.

28. The meanest thing Ashly has ever done to me is: punched me in the face and gave me a bloody nose.

29. The game I dislike playing with Ashly most is: any NHL or snowboarding video game because she always wins or Monopoly because she's a ruthless tycoon who shows no mercy.

30. The most confusing thing about Ashly is: nothing about her confuses me.

31. Ashly gets really riled up when: watching sports, over injustices and during debates about things she's passionate about.

32. To make Ashly laugh, I usually: tell a ridiculous joke so then she's more so laughing because I'm ridiculous and not so much because the joke is actually funny.

33. I won't ever forget the time that Ashly: kept me from drowning.

34. The game I enjoy playing with Ashly most is: poker, Final Fantasy or Battleship.

35. My favorite place to hang out with Ashly is: at a concert, sport event or at my house.

36. Ashly gets really pissed when: people drink and drive.

37. I go to Ashly when I need: someone to talk to because she always listens, isn't judgmental, will always be honest with me no matter if it hurts and it's really easy to tell her any and everything because of all of that. plus she gives good advice or verbal beat downs (talking sense) when needed lol.

38. Ashly's best physical feature is: her eyes because they change colors and her boobs.

39. Ashly's sense of humor is: sarcastic, random and twisted.

40. I'd choose to be on Ashly's team in a game of: basketball, baseball, hockey, paintball, laser tag, team air hockey, team monopoly and any drinking game in which you may need a partner for lol.

41. If Ashly were an animal, I think she would make a good: penguin or tiger.

42. People may think Ashly is an asshole because: she can be an asshole sometimes lol. ;) Or because she doesn't sugar coat a motherfucking thing and will always tell you how something is very straight forward.

43. Five things Ashly and I have in common are: love for sports, same tastes in music and movies, both collect comic books and graphic novels, both like to drink and we're both pretty laid back chill people.

44. Ashly's driving is: really good, better than most people lol.

45. Something I couldn't ever get Ashly to do was: go sky diving with me.

46. Five words I'd never use to describe Ashly are: dumb, fake, rude, manipulative, boring.

47. Two things Ashly and I never agree on: beer and baseball.

48. If I could take Ashly on a vacation with me anywhere, we'd go to: Europe and see lots of different cities ;)

49. When Ashly gets drunk, she: is pretty much how she is when she's sober just louder and laughs more.

50. Something that surprises me about Ashly is: how she has the balls to be so honest with people. I've heard her say some shit before that I would just never have the balls to say to anyone.

The End.

I love these. It's fun for me to read once I get them back from my friend's and I hope everyone reading enjoys them too, lol. I'd do them more often if I could get more people in my real life to agree to it, lol. So you know, any of my real life people reading this right now (because I know some of you spy on my page and act like you don't) can feel free to speak up and volunteer to do one of these in the future. That would rock, thanks. =)


Dangerous Lilly said...

I do the nail polish thing too!

And I love Chik Fil A and think it's a mother fucking travesty that they close on sundays. Wtf?

Just A. Girl said...

I was glancing through the list and for a split second I thought I saw that your boobs change colors. I really need to pay attention more closely. :)

Love this T.T.E. idea. I may try it sometime.

Anonymous said...

Love this! I have to admit, like Dangerous Lilly and you - I do the same thing with nail polish thing too! :)

Adult Sex Toys said...

Your post is awesome. Good job......!