Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This and that...

If you haven't, you definitely should go check out the video for the winner of the sex toy contest that I posted yesterday. ;)

I got an invite to a Facebook group that was actually cool. Usually, my friends invite me to things I pass on. "Mustache Ride Monday", "If you hate getting food stuck in your teeth" and other nonsense stuff. Granted, I joined a few that are nonsense to most people but I don't invite anyone to them. I got a good one yesterday. "Make It Illegal to Protest at Military Funerals" is of course, a group created because of a certain group of people whose name I won't even mention. Most of y'all should know who I'm talking about. What other group of people protests funerals besides the one that won't be named? Douches.

If you don't follow me on Twitter, you're missing out. ;) So, I'm going to post a little of the random, pointless crap I tweet about right now.

AshlyStar: My tip for today: Socks go on before the shoes. Don't try it shoes first, it will not end well. You're welcome.

AshlyStar: Too bad people don't have a mute button

AshlyStar: Why are there no robots to roll around doing my laundry for me? The Jetsons were so misleading about the future.

I posted this to my Tumblr yesterday.

Click the picture to go to my Tumblr and see the bigger version of it. The angle that this photograph was taken at? Fucking awesome. Not to mention I watched the game and know the action that was going on the moment this got snapped. The player positioning and the angle just rock. Too bad that one Shark that I *really* can't fucking stand (more so than the others, lol) is in it but oh well. Still a kick ass photograph.

Law Abiding Citizen and The Blind Side (especially the The Blind Side) are two of the best movies I've seen recently. L.A.C. just because I didn't figure out everything and have the plot and ending figured out before the movie was over. I hate that. The Blind Side is just heartwarming and amazing. And a damn good movie for anyone who wants to blame the world around them for why they can't succeed as well as someone else. It's touching and quite good.

Happy Tuesday!


Resident A-Hole said...

I agree with that Facebook group. You wanna protest, go fucking protest on the front lines and see how you treated by the very people who are dying to protect you.

phairhead said...

the Jetsons made fools of us all!

KendallJaye said...

Ah the irony!
Soldiers protecting our freedoms so that assholes have the opportunity to utilize free speech just to be douchy.
I think we need to stage our own "Protest the Protesters". Fuckers.

Tim said...

Can't stand #4 on the Sharks, either, eh? haha