Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review: Micro Power Egg

The Micro Power Egg by California Exotics is a remote control egg vibrator. I was apprehensive about it because most toys I've received to review from C.E. have been decent at best. I figured what the hell and decided to give it a shot. I've tried plenty of eggs and bullet vibes that I've been less than impressed with and have wanted to find one that I actually liked. I admit it, I'm picky so finding toys I really like is some what of a challenge.

If you want the specs on the toy such as length, weight, etc then just give a quick little click right here and you'll find them listed on EF's page on the left column of the page. The measurements are accurate. There's only one spec that's inaccurate but that has to do with the toy's function. Which I'll get to later in the review. :)

After I opened it and cleaned the egg with soap and water (because I always wash my toys before I use them, lol) I rolled the egg around in my hand. The rubber cote felt velvety and silky in my hand, which I dig. I don't mind hard plastic but I don't actually want to feel cool, hard, plastic. I popped two AA batteries into the controller/battery pack and then went to hit the button to turn the toy on.

And... nothing.I checked to make sure I had the batteries in properly. Check. Screwed the cap to the battery compartment back on. Hit the button again. Still nothing. I tightened the cap up until it wouldn't tighten anymore and hit the button yet again. This time, it worked. Also, the button looks quite large but really, the whole oval isn't the button. You have to hit directly in the center of the oval to turn the toy off. That's also how you cycle through the four settings and turn the toy back off. If you skip the setting you want accidentally, you'll have to cycle back through them all to get back to the one you want. Also, there isn't a quick way to turn the toy off if you're in need of such a thing. You have to cycle through all the settings to turn it off. So, if you're having fun and someone walks in, there's no discreet one button push for turning it off. That's not a problem for me but I know for some people it is. So if you want something that turns off with a single click, this isn't one of them.

It says the toy has several functions; vibrating, escalating and pulsating. The product description on EF says it's so and that would be because the package the toy comes in says it's so. My gripe is that I don't find that to be true. There is no escalating function in my opinion. To me, escalating is a vibration that starts out slight and then increases in intensity. There isn't a setting that does that. All four settings have the same level of intensity, they just go in different rhythms. The first setting is quick, fast pulses that run steadily over and over. The second setting is slower pulses that have a very slight pause between each pulse. The third setting pulses twice at a slow rhythm and then there's a slight break (not even a full second) before the pulses start again. The fourth setting is a constant, steady vibration. None of those are what I would consider to be escalating by definition. Which is honestly fine with me because I don't tend to enjoy escalating sensations in bullet vibes. However, to someone who saw that in the product description and considered it a selling point, they would be disappointed to find it doesn't actually do that.
It packs a nice punch for such a small egg running on two AA batteries. I was pretty happy with the intensity of the vibrations. I like the first function and the fourth function the best. I only like the toy as a clitoral stimulator. I did insert it and try it out vaginally but just didn't dig it. Though, the vibrations still felt nice.

The remote control opens at the bottom to insert the batteries. The cap is easy to remove and easy to screw back on. The toy is waterproof and there is a seal around the bottom cap to keep water/liquid out of the battery compartment. I had no issue getting batteries in and out of the compartment. They fit nice and snugly but didn't prove to be a hassle inserting or removing. Which seems like a boring detail but if you've ever had to spend several minutes trying to get batteries in or out of a toy, you know how nice it is to have something that is easy going.

The toy's cord that connects the egg to the control pack is covered in a thick seal to protect it from water/liquid. The cord is pretty lengthy at 26 inches so using it in any position should be easy,

I used it in the shower and didn't have any issue with it during or after. I've since used it a few more times while in the shower and it's still working just fine and there's never been any moisture/liquid inside the battery compartment.

I was also happy that the noise level wasn't bad either. I have really sensitive hearing, to the point that most vibrating toys are annoying to me. Or to the point that I tend to easily over hear conversations, even when the people doing the talking are 20 feet away from me. Keep that in mind if any of you ever meet me. There will be no mumbling insults at me under you're breath because I'll probably hear it, lol. Anyway the point here is the noise level is decent. It's not whisper quiet but it's not a little noise machine either, thankfully.

The size of the bullet and the control pack makes it easy to store, hide or travel with which is a plus in my book. I don't have a lot of space to store regular every day things so toys that can fit in small spaces are great for me.

Clean up is easy. Warm water, soap, rinse, blah blah blah. It's attached to a battery pack so there's no putting it in boiling water or your dishwasher. Well, you can but be prepared to buy another one if you do, lol. ;)

I'm definitely happy with this toy. I've used it several times already and will continue to keep using it. It's still not my perfect bullet but it'll do nicely until I find the one that *really* does it for me. ;)
Happy Tuesday!


circus monkey said...

Looks like an instrument of torture! Or is that a good thing????

Anonymous said...

Retry response-- Thanks for the review. Good info. I always like knowing how the action fits the looks of a toy. Sometimes they look really good, but suck. Like shoes, often the ugliest ones are the most comfy/feel the best.

dark snow said...

sounds disappointing, though it looks slightly pretty..

which vibrator do u reli recommends or there is none?