Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun Factory Curve

I've wanted to try the Curve by Fun Factory for many months now but sadly, I couldn't get my hands on one to review. That is, until recently, thanks to the cool people over at Adult Sex Toys. I love love love g-spot stimulation. Don't get me wrong, clitoral stimulation is all well and good but it doesn't do it for me the way g-spot stimulation does. I know it's not what everyone loves (and I even know a few people who don't care for it at all for some "crazy" reason ;D) and if that's the case for you, then this clearly won't be the toy for you since it's specifically designed for delicious g-spot stimulation.

It's not a small toy so if girth isn't your thing, this might not be the toy for you. It's measurements are 8 1/2" in length (only around 6 3/4" is insertable, though) with a diameter of 1 5/8" and a circumference of 5". I personally love the size of it but I like that really full feeling you get from a girthy toy.

The Curve is 100% Silicone and has a smooth, raised texture swirling around it. It quickly warms to your body temperature which is nice. I dislike when toys can't retain warmth. The bulbous head is very smooth and that raised texture forms around it to form a bump. The bump can be slightly problematic if you're not using lube or not warmed up enough for it yet, though. Make sure you're either using lube (no silicone lube on silicone toys!) or if you don't like lube or don't have any on hand or just prefer natural lubrication, please be warmed up for it. I didn't use lube the first time and was only moderately wet, so there was some definite discomfort upon entry. That bummed me out at first because I really wanted to like this toy. I figured out the problem quickly and rectified it with some lube. After that, no problem at all with entry or during thrusting.
I also tried inserting the toy, holding it in place and then rocking my hips back and forth. Totally not as fun and didn't get as much enjoyment out of it used that way. It didn't feel bad, just not as intense. I didn't feel any pain or discomfort using the toy in that way.

Removal was a different story. Playtime was over, I was plenty lubricated due to the orgasm I achieved thanks to the wonderful g-spot stimulation, but I had a little issue with that bump when removing the toy. Apparently, the bump didn't want to go peacefully or painlessly. I found that if I angled the toy upwards a little, bring the handle closer to my body, I could remove it without the bump giving me any discomfort. Which is nice because no one likes to feel like their dildo is trying to pull their vagina out with it.

The toy is super soft and pliable. Oh so very pliable. I thought that would make it difficult to thrust with but I didn't have any problem with that at all. It has a handle with a loophole at the end which makes it extremely easy to keep a good grip on the toy during use. I love toys with handles like this on them because you don't have to keep intently focused on keeping a good grip on it. It's just latched right there on whatever finger you slide into the loophole and you're good, though, I still kept a nice firm grip on it. Like I said, the toy is very pliable which helps if you want to bend it a bit. I found bending it lessened some of the severity of the curve, which was fun but I didn't prefer that sensation. I probably would have been fine if the toy had been a bit less pliable and a bit more firm. Not because I had any issue with it being too floppy but just because I prefer my dildos a little more firm. If you prefer something rather firm without a lot of give, I wouldn't recommend this to you.

I didn't try it anally because, well, I wasn't putting that bump in there to see if it would give me any trouble during insertion, thrusting or removal. Especially during removal, lol. I like everything in my body to stay where it's supposed to be. ;)

You can use this toy with another person (though it's not harness compatible) but make sure you direct them on the best way to do it for you. It's easy to thrust this into another person the wrong way and cause them pain so don't be afraid to be vocal and give direction. ;)

The raised, glossy swirls on the toy feel nice but after a while, I stopped noticing them. I felt them at first but then once I had used it for a few minutes, I only noticed them if I changed the angle of the toy. That's really not a deal breaker for me, though, given the amazing g-spot stimulation you get from the dildo.

Cleaning is easy. Since it's 100% Silicone, you can clean it multiple ways. Toss it in the top shelf of the dishwasher, boil it, bleach it with a 10% solution, use your favorite toy cleaner, use it in the shower and then lather it up as you clean off with soap and water; whatever floats your boat.

I was super happy with this toy and have used it many times. I love the shape, I like the cute design, I love Silicone (because it's such a great feeling material, yum) and I love the handle. I really like the intense g-spot stimulation I get out of this toy as well. I think if the bump on the head didn't give me any trouble upon removal and if it were just a tiny bit less pliable, it would be my favorite toy. Even with that in there though, it's still top five for me. :D

Happy Thursday!


Britni TheVadgeWig said...

This is one of my favorite dildos, but I wish I got it in the purple instead of the hot pink.

Curvaceous Dee said...

Not using it anally was a good call! Hylas loved being penetrated with it, but removal sucked so much that it's relegated (oh what a shame) to only a cunt toy for me.

xx Dee

Tragic™ said...

It kind of resembles a fish to me, maybe a dolphin or something.. It would do me no good, sadly. It's really pretty, and it has a really artistic shape but either I have no g-spot or mine is broken, anytime I (or anyone else) fusses with where it's *supposed* to be: it just causes discomfort, and sometimes even pain. Otherwise though.. It's damn cool looking!

Anonymous said...

love your new avatar pic!

happy thursday

Anonymous said...

My last lover's cock was curved like that, sadly it wasn't that long.