Thursday, April 29, 2010

You know what really grinds my gears?

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I almost always do posts on things I like. Favorite things, things I love, things that make me happy, etc. So today, I'm going the opposite road. I won't list everything that I dislike, I might want to post this again with different things one day when I have nothing else I want to bore y'all with, lol. So here are some of the things that irk me...

The smell of freshly cut grass. It's not a terrible smell and I do love a nicely maintained lawn looks. I hate that smell. A few seconds of that and my eyes will water, my throat will itch and I'll be sneezing my head off for hours to come.

Playing soccer. Zzzzz. I have a few friends who love to play. I've tried. I just can't get into it. I'm alright watching it though if it's a good game going on. If it's not a good game? Zzzzz.

Craving something for the longest time, finally getting it and then it not being good at all. Granted, this doesn't happen very often. Usually when I'm craving something and I get it, I'm all "OhFuckingHellYesThisIsAmazingOhYeaaaaaah" but once in a while, it happens.

Songs that repeat the same thing over and over again. It drives me nuts. Which is why I can't stand most of the catchy pop crap that comes on the radio. I don't care how well a person can sing, if their songs are catchy repetitious crap? Forget about it.

People who hate things vehemently.... for no reason. Seriously, this is so annoying. I hate when someone passionately hates or dislikes something but has no argument or reasons at all why they hate it. "It rubs me the wrong way because I find it annoying" is better than saying, "I dunno, I just hate it so rah rah rah blah blah blah."

Broccoli. I've tried to eat it many times in so many different set ups. I just can't do it. The smell of cooked broccoli by itself makes me want to gag.

Dirty hardwood (or tile, stone, any other hard surface) floors. I like to walk around indoors without shoes or socks on. I don't like having junk on the bottom of my feet, it's gross and it drives me nuts. I also don't like walking around in socks and getting my socks all gunked up. Clean floors, ftw!

People who thrive on drama. (Especially the people who claim to hate drama but are always in it or starting it.) I DON'T like drama. My life has very little drama in it. I don't hang out with people get into a lot of drama or start a lot of drama. It's inevitable to avoid it 100% but I don't engage in people's petty bullshit, life is too short for that bullshit.

People who think their opinion/point of view/etc are the ONLY one. Especially if they're someone like that that thinks they're open-minded to a lot of different views but really aren't. You cannot argue with someone like that because it doesn't matter what you say, you're wrong. I also can't stand someone who "listens to your opinion" and then tries to subtly point out why you're wrong.

When a bird flies into the windshield while I'm driving. A few birds have died that way. It freaks me out having something unexpected hit the windshield. Driving along and all of the sudden, a bird swoops down at the wrong moment, smacks into the windshield, bounces up over the top of the car and hits the road behind me. Sad. Also, freaks me the fuck out to have a bird suddenly smack into the windshield while I'm driving.

Kiwi. Just kidding. Kiwi is good. Yum.

Come on, I had to end on a good note, lol.

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Happy Thursday!


Another Suburban Mom said...

I personally love the taste of broccoli, especially if you saute it in a little olive oil and garlic after you steam it.

And I usually find that the people who claim to hate drama the loudest are the ones who attract the most of it.

Neath said...

Broccoli makes me want to scrape my face off with a fork. Even worse? Almost everyone I spend any amount of time with loves the shit.
I've never had a bird hit my windshield. I did, however, once hit a partridge when it flew under my front tire. Dumb bastard.....

phairhead said...

Oh I hate it when a thing I've been lusting after turns into whomp whomp :( food, movies, sex (occasionally)

viemoira said...

Oh I got lots o bad superstition when it comes to the birds flying into windows.

I share many of your gripes except the grass and broccoli.

Joker_SATX said...

Good post. You are giving me ideas about some of the posts I want to do. This format is a good one!

And yeah, Broccoli makes me wanna puke!

Bruce said...

"Craving something for the longest time, finally getting it and then it not being good at all."............isn't this the essence of capitalism??????

Just a Girl said...

Hilarious! You should read yesterday's post on my new blog, in which I describe the scent of freshly cut grass as a good thing. Ha ha.

BTExpress said...

WARNINGM THIS MAY BE TMI! I love broccoli, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, snails, pretty everything except raw oysters. I like them cooked, but they feel like snot going down when raw. Funny, but I love raw clams.