Friday, April 16, 2010

Um, pardon me Officer but...

First.... I was totally bummed out about something yesterday. One of my favorite bands is Type O Negative. They're one of the few bands I really dig that I haven't got to see play live yet. Now, totally won't happen because the band's frontman Peter Steele passed away yesterday. I don't usually get sad when celebrities die because usually it's not someone I'm a fan of. I know that sounds cold but it's the truth. I find death sad but dozens of people die every day, it's no more sad just because one of them was in a dozen movies. Once in a while though, I get why people are sad when a celebrity they like dies. Type O's music resonated with me in a lot of ways. I got through some hard shit blasting their tunes and getting lost in the lyrics that I understood quite well. It's sad he's gone but hey, maybe he's in a better place now. You can read the official statement here if you want to.

I get A LOT of questions on my formspring account. I answered 20 something yesterday and I still have some sitting in my inbox waiting for an answer. So you know, if you didn't see your question answered, it's probably still there waiting on me to answer it. ;) I usually get 5 - 10 or more a day and I tend to not feel like answering them a lot, so they build up. I get a lot of questions I delete too. Some people are just rude and disrespectful. Some people say catty, pathetic things anonymously that they don't have the nerve to say to me otherwise. I love how some people get the biggest balls when they're able to hide behind anonymity. Other questions I delete are ones that I find to be "too much" in sexual nature. As open as I generally am, even where sex is concerned, you can use your imagination to try and think up some of the things I must be getting asked if I deem them "too much" and delete them. I guess that falls under getting big balls under the anonymity as well. I went off on a bit of a tangent here and none of this has to do with the real point of my post, lol.

I get a lot of questions. Despite the bad ones and the tasteless comments that get left, I still get a lot of questions I do leave to answer. A lot of them are random and what a lot of people would call "useless information" to be honest. Sometimes, I wonder why someone would want to know what I had for dinner tonight but hey, it's whatever. You ask and I'm very likely going to answer. I get a lot of really good ones too.

Yesterday, I had someone ask me a question and it spawned one of my absolute favorite stories to tell. I don't think I've ever told it on my blog. At the time it happened, I was 18 and while I did have this blog; I was more into drinking, partying and drugs and wasn't updating very often at all. I pretty much updated when I went to my parents house and used their computer to do so because we didn't have internet at the apartment my roommates and I shared. We could have had internet but you know, booze, drugs and general partying were more important than the interwebz. And blogging. I only have a couple people (as far as I know) that still read me that did way back then. So cool to those people. Anyway, check out the question and enjoy the answer I gave. It was fun re-telling it. =)

do you have any funny stories that involve you and the police?

YES! OH MY GOSH. This is probably my favorite story to tell even though it happened like 6 years ago, lol.

So I was living in South Texas, real close to South Padre. A bunch of friends and I had gone to the beach because there was a big bonfire party going on out there. Everyone was drinking and having a good time. There were 2 kegs and cases upon cases of beer as well as some other stuff. There were about 50 people there and it was a great time.

I was the designated driver for the night so when the party was winding down in the wee hours of the morning, we decided to leave and start heading back off the island.

One of my best friends at the time (RIP honey) was soo hammered. I was driving my car at the time (a Ford Focus) and had 4 drunk guys packed into it with me, lol. Now my super hammered friend tells me while I'm on the highway, maybe 15 minutes from his house, that he has to puke. I'm like, fuck that, there's a gas station up here soon, I'll get you there. So, it's late as hell (or early as hell, lol) and the highway is mostly empty. So I punch it to do 80 to get to the gas station. I failed to see a cop on the shoulder but he didn't miss me and pulled me over. I cringed, told my friend he better not fucking puke in my car and waited for the cop to get to the window.

He asked me where I was in such a "damn rush" to get to. I told him my friend (who was thankfully of age to be a lush, lol) had drank too much and was going to throw up so I had been in a rush to get to the gas station. The one that I was so close to. Literally, we were maybe 50 feet from the exit. It was like 60 seconds away. Damn, him. I digress. He wanted to check my ID, asked if I had been drinking. I said no. He wanted everyone else to present their ID's because they were all drunk. They were all 21 at least so no big deal. Then, my best buddy says "I'm about to fucking puke, I'm going to get out of the car and puke!"

The cops tells my buddy to remain in the vehicle. My buddy is not going to puke in the car, so he exited the vehicle. The cop stalked quickly around the vehicle telling my friend to get back in the car. The cop grabbed my friend, shook him lightly and asked if he had anything (weapons or drugs) on him. My friend said no and said he really was about to puke and that's all he was out of the car for. The cop, still holding on to him, began to say, "I don't give two shits...." and then my friend started hurling. ALL OVER THE COP. After a few seconds, the cop let him go and let him finish puking. The cop had puke on his arms, pants legs and shoes.

My friends in the car were all so scared we were all going to get in trouble and I was trying not to laugh, honestly.

The cop walked back around to the drivers side to me and very calmly told me to get my friend home and to watch my speeding. He handed me a warning but no ticket and then walked back to his car.

Happy Friday!


Neath said...

You guys must have gotten one of the few remaining reasonable cops in America. Despite the fact that your pal warned the cop he was about to puke, there are a lot of deuche cops out there that would have filed assault charges against your pal for puking on them.
That was definately a fun story to read.

phairhead said...

Every shitty comment i've gotten on my blog has always been from "anonymous"

RIP Peter, tragic. Thankfully I got a chance to see them live last October

The Panserbjørne said...

Well, he WAS asking for it. I'm just glad he didn't arrest your buddy for assault charges, like Neath said. Still, you're right: that IS a damn funny story.

-- PB

Autumn said...

i don't allow anon comments on my blog because i am somewhat paraniod about those 'in bad taste' comments you're talking about.

i'm sorry about your friend you mentioned and girl...

that story was so funny. duhhh! that's hilarious.

DeonKilgore said...

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