Monday, April 19, 2010

Really? Yeah...

The Boyfriend showed me some info on a guy at work . He's in his mid-twenties. The guy's name is Cocaine. Yes, it is pronounced exactly like the drug. Yes, the dude does go by his middle name instead. His middle name doesn't also happen to be the name of a drug, thankfully lol. He had to log in to a program he uses for work and show me proof. I refused to believe someone would name their kid that otherwise. I get it, you have a right to name your kid what you want blah blah. That's cool but you don't have the live with that name your entire life, they do. Glad you think it sounds cool at the time but seriously, it's not. Think about how it's going to effect them in the long run before you go naming your kid something stupid as fuck like that.

I Twitter. I know a lot of people find it annoying, pointless, stupid, etc. Ask me if I care? (I don't, lol.) Some of the people I follow say some awesome things. I'm going to post some stuff from Twitter on my blog.

@carnivalesq Dogs apparently bark at what they don't understand. Cats put their feet on what they don't understand. Honestly? Dog method is where its at.
@carnivalesq Why? Because if I don't understand a bomb, I'd rather be barking at it than touching it with my feet.

@BlackoutDallas @AshlyStar as a good sports writer once said - "watch the damn game!" haha

@badbadgirlx @AshlyStar I remember as a teenager hearing "Love conquers all or it isn't really love." I believed it then.. boy, was I fucking wrong.

@msuchrisr @AshlyStar Whatever happened to the adult discussion that ends in a "agree to disagree"? It's a lost art!

Things I said:

@AshlyStar: "Avs didn't deserve to win tonight!" Fuck y'all. Anderson kept 51 pucks out of the net. He did a stellar job tonight even if the rest didnt.

@AshlyStar: I wish money would have sex in my pocket and multiply.
@sqweakers: Agreed! If it were only that easy.
@AshlyStar: If only! I'd put a few 100 dollar bills in my pocket & hope for an orgy. Lol

@AshlyStar: My sister just posted this on my Facebook wall, lol. It's a shot of Shane Doan after his goal against Detroit tonight...
the caption though? XD Lol.

@SabresDotCom The 99 combined hits by the Sabres/Bruins in Game 2 were the most in a non-OT playoff game since the start of 2006 Playoffs. ---Um, HOLY SHIT. That is insane!

Woo, that's all I've got for today. I'm tired and not in the best of moods here lately.

Happy Monday.

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CbE said...

Cocaine!!! Really??? OMG!! That's bad!

I twitter, sometimes. Don't really have any one following me so its not much fun. LOL