Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pussies, Vampires, Penguins; OH MY!

Veronica of Another Suburban Mom posted a something wonderful today titled, "Trolls and Internet Rules of the Road" due to a lot of the nastiness that's been going around on a lot of blogs lately. The video featured in her post is awesome, short and features the ever so awesome Phineas and Ferb. Yes, I like Phin and Ferb. My youngest brother was into the show and I used to watch it with him. While I still lived in California anyway. So, I haven't seen Phin and Ferb since around July but I digress. You should definitely go over to her blog and check out the post.

I was reading a blog post yesterday on a livejournal account that baffled me. The post has since been deleted so I can't reference anything from it so I'm just kind of going to go off what I remember. Natalia, my point isn't to piss you off but I just seriously don't get it. Basically, her post was about how disgusting vagina's are because of the "monthly bill that all women have to pay." Um, really? Sure, no one likes having to bleed every month. No one likes the cramps and other cons that come with having a period. Most women just don't dig having to bleed a few days (or more) a month. Sure, that part sucks but the rest of the time, you see nothing good about having a vagina? A vagina brings new life into the world. They stretch like whoa for it to happen and then go back down (mostly, from what I hear since I have no kids thus have no experience) to size. It might not be as tight as it once was after that but seriously, something that can stretch that way and then tighten back up? Awesome. Not to be gross, I also like being able to pee. I drink a lot of liquids through out the day and it feels good to let them back out, too. How awkward would peeing be if you didn't have your vagina? That's what I thought. Also, how do you not get pleasure from your vagina? Be it sex or masturbation, you can thank your vagina for providing those orgasms.
You hate your vagina and find it disgusting just because you have to bleed monthly? That's fine if that's how you feel but I seriously just can't understand the logic behind it. I still fucking love mine. Seriously, dude. Thanks for being awesome and wonderful, vagina!

I posted this picture yesterday to my Twitter account but I wanted to post it on here too because it made me chuckle and I want to share. Sorry to all my readers who dig the Twilight series but it's no secret to most that I just don't get into them. I got quite a few comments on the picture once I posted it to Twitter but my favorite one?


So for people who know me or that have read my blog for a while know that I love love love penguins. No, not the Pittsburgh Penguins (though, I do like a few of the dudes who play for that team. No, Sidney Crosby is NOT one of them.) but real penguins. They're one of my favorite animals and I've been fascinated by them since I was a little kiddo. I have a legion of plush penguins. This one is Mo. (Thanks to the Boyfriend for his assistance in getting this picture, lol.)

Ain't he cute?

Happy Tuesday!


Vanilla Kinks said...

My vagina is fucking awesome!!!!!!!

Though, I'll admit, I feel quite the opposite of the chick from that blog.

I don't bleed monthly, and sometimes, I feel like my vagina is more faulty than fabulous because of that.

bettiwettiwoo said...

Does she also hate her mouth?

I mean, it contains saliva (which one can drool), and sometimes one has morning-after breath (which smells). Not to mention the teeth - for which she might have to buy tooth paste (probably every month). Also, a mouth has that whole tongue thing smack in the middle.

phairhead said...

Hmmm Natalia sounds like she's self-loathing. Tsk! Tsk!

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know the vagina girl so I won't say anything there but vaginas are the best EVER! I love them! Think of it, like you said the stretchability! If I had boots and gloves made from it they would be the last pair I ever needed! You couldn't tear em up or wear em out. I mean how could you possibly wear out a self oiling machine?

I don't get the vampires either but I have surely seen the movies and have seen the posters on my baby girls wall. Shes Team Jacob, ust for the record *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

Heehee that picture is brilliant!

Also vaginas rule. That is all.

---Amy xxxx

BTExpress said...

I love vaginas too. They are an excellent alternative to having to use my hand to get off. They can do things my hand could never do.

A little bleeding never stopped my wife and I from having sex either. Matter a fact, she was horniest then. She'd take a shower and we were off.

Another Suburban Mom said...

My vagina is the bestest. I don't love my period, but I look at it as a few days where I know I am not having sex and can use that time for somethimg like my abandoned scrapbooking projects.

Also, thank you for the link love.

SingleMom said...

love the new look :) ...DP/CW