Thursday, April 1, 2010

All the voices mistaken..

This picture was taken yesterday evening at the American Airline's Center. It was during warm-ups for the Stars vs Sharks game. Yes, it's empty because a lot of people don't care about watching them warm up. I don't care about walking around looking at everything or checking out the Fan Shop for the 100th time. Granted, a lot of people there were there for the first time tonight. Some people just enjoy walking around and soaking up the crowd, eating before the game at one of the concessions/restaurants, socializing in the bar with the over priced drinks, etc. I just have more fun and prefer watching warm-ups. ;)

Boyfriend and I got to go to the game thanks to our friends, Chevelle and his girlfriend Snakebites. They had four tickets to the game and the other two people were no longer able to go. So, Snakebites asked us if we would be willing to go with them and be their "dates" for the game. Uh, hell yeah. And calm down, it wasn't a real date of any type. We're not swingers and neither are they. I digress. So, we got to go to the game for free and it was against San Jose, which is a team I've never been present to see the Stars play. The seats were pretty good too and as always, I'm always just fucking happy to go to a hockey game.

The Stars won, 5-1. YEAH! I LOVE when they beat San Jose. I can't stand that team. Not that I actually like a lot of other NHL teams honestly. There are a couple, SJ just isn't one of them. They're a good team, though. In fact, they're ranked number one in the Western Conference with 104 points. Of course, they're awesomeness is usually a regulation season thing. Playoff time is a different story, har har har.

Steve Ott (pictured above & no, I didn't take this one. Sadly, lol) got his first career hat trick, which was awesome to see. I wish I had thought sooner to get a picture of all the hats on the ice but I didn't think of it until most of them were cleaned up. You know, too busy cheering and yelling to worry about a picture. It was a great game to go to. Probably the last Stars game I'll go to this season so I'm glad it was a good one.

The only downside is that my boyfriend usually works 4 PM to 12 AM but since the game was at 7:30 PM, he got someone to switch shifts with him at work so he could have the night free to go to the game. Which was nice and I'm glad he got to go. We got food after the game, spent some time chatting and then he took me home and had to leave so he could work midnight to 8 AM. That's only a downside because Wednesday, he didn't get to sleep in any later than he normally does because he had to get up and take care of things. I know he's going to be super tired when he gets off work so I worry about him driving home having spent all night at work instead of sleeping, lol. Luckily, it's only about 30 miles from his job to where we live so not too bad of a drive normally. I know when you're exhausted and haven't slept, driving short distances seems like it takes forever. I think he was going to drink a Red Bull though so I trust that he'll be alright. Hopefully he can come home and pass out so he can resume his regular work schedule later today.

I wrote this around 2 AM then set it up to auto-post at 7 AM. For some reason, some of my auto-post blogs haven't been posting. Hopefully this one does otherwise I'll just publish when I get on next, lol. I think the last time I had one that didn't post when I set it up to was almost a week ago. Blogger can be such a bitch sometimes. ;)

I can't decide what I want to feature on Drink of the Day tomorrow. I also can't decide if I will keep doing it every week or not. I might make it every other week instead of every Friday. I would like to know how many of you actually come by to check out the Drink of the Day posts and would be interested in seeing it continue on every week. Any feedback on that would be appreciated!

Happy Thursday!


Greg said...

I love NHL hockey, glad you had a good time and your team won.

Anonymous said...

I comment on all of the ones I read and read all the ones I can!

Glad you had a good time!

phairhead said...

Hee! The SJ Sharks used to be my boy's team :<)

I kinda miss "Fuck You Friday"

Hubman said...

Speaking of hockey...

A little while ago I declared to the kids that dad was taking over the living room TV and I put on the Bruins game.

PP looks at the TV and declares "oh we're watching hockey!!"

That's my girl!