Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tell me what you think.

I'm going to do a couple things. Mainly the thing I want y'all to add to in the comments is the second part. I have a list of things that I think are some of the most wonderful things in the world, TO ME. I find the things I listed to be so good that little else, if anything, compares. I didn't list everything but I made it a pretty decent sized list. If you want, add a few things in the comments that you find so wonderful that nothing or very little can compare to it. =)

Happiness > Approval from others. I'd rather be happy and be doing my own thing and have people disappointed in me for it. I live my life for not and I do things the way I want to do them. I'm careful to not put anyone at harm or at risk for anything bad. I'm careful to keep myself out of harms way as much as I can. If the way I live my life is a disappointment to you, too fucking bad. I live my life for me, not anyone else.

Ice cream > Cookies. Ice cream owns all desserts. Well, not all of them but most of them. Well, definitely cookies. And no, adding ice cream to cookies isn't better. I like vanilla with chocolate chip cookie or cookies and cream as well as the next person. However, I prefer my ice cream to not have cookies and I'm not fond of cookie ice cream sandwiches.

Long conversations with friends, in person > Long conversations with friends through IM. Not that there's anything wrong with long instant messaging conversations, I just prefer to talk in person. Sitting on my butt looking at a screen for too long bothers me. I talk in an animated way. I cannot animatedly type into an instant message box and have as much fun as having a real live person in front of me. Given that most of my friends aren't people I know from on-line, it's not really an issue. I do love a good instant messaging chat from time to time though.

Washing dishes > Doing laundry. True story. I hate doing laundry that much. Really, it's the folding and hanging bit I hate. The putting stuff in the washing machine and watching the detergent bubble up like mad is pretty fucking sweet. It's like baby steps chemistry without the risk of blowing something up. Putting stuff in the dryer is easy too. If only cleans clothes would fold and hang on their own. See, technology isn't that fucking advanced yet people.

Little is better than...

A bowl of cereal with ice cold milk.

A long, warm shower after a stressful day.

Kisses on the back of the neck.

Freshly washed sheets warm out of the dryer.

Seeing a favorite band play live.

Being able to laugh about something mid-fuck and being able to keep going.

Red velvet cupcakes.

Getting those hugs from behind where your back is resting against his stomach with his arms wrapped around your waist.

Surprise gifts that are given "just because."

A mug filled with a warm drinks and being wrapped in thick, warm blanket when it's really cold.

Laughter, genuine gut busting laughter.

Spending a lazy, rainy day in bed with your significant other. Not just for sex but just laying there talking, listening to the rain hit the window, watching movies and being goofy hanging out together.

Going to see a live hockey game. (Must say, I went to the Stars/Kings game last night and my seat was down in the lower bowl, center ice, 5 rows away from the fucking glass. AMAZING seats.)

Happy Wednesday!


Vanilla Kinks said...

Brand new socks on my feet right out of the package.

Bat said...

Sweet seats at the game. The problem that I have with IM and texting is the potential for misunderstanding 'cause they can't hear your tone or see your facial expression.

Another Suburban Mom said...

All so true. Personally I prefer laundry to dishes.

I love a fresh brand new t-shirt when the cotton is extra soft.

I also love cookies fresh out of the oven.

Hubman said...

WOW! Those are some great seats! I haven't been to a hockey game since I was a kid, so even though the Bruins stink this year, maybe I'll get tickets and bring DB to a game.

phairhead said...

Ha! When Sexybeast and I bought our house, we agreed he would take care of washing all our dishes and I would do all the laundry.

Add to the list: diving into water on a very hot day
waking up on a Friday only to realize that's Saturday
belly kisses

Poindexter said...

sweet list. I kinda like folding laundry. I like it way better than putting the dishes away. I even like folding the round sheets. Everyone else on the planet hates folding round sheets but I like it. Weird?

Theresa said...

Diving into a pile of leaves > having to rake them.

A walk on a crisp fall morning > shoveling snow on a freezing winter morning at like 6am.

For me personally, I like seeing my work come to life in my hands. I cross stitch and watching it look like it should is amazing. Then I get to give it away. I keep nothing I stitch for myself. My childrens birth samplers were the only things that are in the house I've made.

Want anything? :)

MinorityReport said...

Fresh baked bread, dark chocolate, really good coffee, the right song at the right time. :)

Bruce said...

Happiness > Approval from others.....used to be crazy about seeking others approval.....but I eventually learned that most others were jerks....and I was smarter than 90% of the people I met. No brainer

Ice cream > Cookies...not a real desert person

Long conversations with friends, in person > Long conversations with friends through IM.....sadly since most of the people I know can't hold down and intelligent conversation, this is a rarity for me....and I do miss it.

Washing dishes > Doing laundry....laundry wins out by a nose here.....don't really like doing either one.

Freshly washed sheets warm out of the is actually better to get them fresh off the clothes line.

Being able to laugh about something mid-fuck and being able to keep can also replace 'laugh about something' with the word 'farting'

Spending a lazy, rainy day in bed with your significant other. Not just for sex but just laying there talking, listening to the rain hit the window, watching movies and being goofy hanging out together....this is why I miss Oregon....don't get many of these days here in Arizona.

BS said...

Waking up with my kitty cat spooning with me, her little head on my arm as I lay on my side.

Making love just after a shower. Not having sex, but making love. Skin is so sensitive- it feels delicious.

The first time you hold hands with someone you’re dating- that you really, REALLY like.

Fixing pancakes and tea with your BFF at midnight. Naked. Because you’re drunk and happy.

Kissing slowly just after an orgasm.

Letting yourself FEEL Pink Floyd as it streams through the air.

Fresh air from The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

f1trey said...

hehehe keep rockin babe..nothing more beautiful than an asian smile...:)

mina said...

My happiness is always greater than the approval of others. I agree, ice cream is always the dessert I crave. There is always room for ice cream. I don't mind laundry so much, but I do hate having to make the bed after washing the sheets.

Anonymous said...

excellent list!

Thereis no more happiness than a gut pile.... that means I have slayed some beast. That ranks right up there with new money and strange tater.

The Covert Lover said...

Oh man - a lot of good ones!

I have to add:

Warm brownies right out of the oven.

Waking up not to an alarm clock, but to your SO's kiss.

Your kids going to bed early on their own with no fighting! lol

kittykillkill said...

Laundry does suck. Especially when the clothes I fold up for the kids just ends up on the floor.

Shumpy said...

That's a good list!

man, I was at that game too in the lower bowl. I'm skipping the game against them on the 12th in protest (I know it's futile)

TUG said...

That's a good list. Can't argue with any of them.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely heart AR - and yeah...great seats!!!


nitebyrd said...

Seeing a band I love in concert while eating red velvet cupcakes ... now that's perfect!

Kittens. There's nothing better in my book then having little kittens around to play with. Or puppies!