Monday, March 15, 2010

Stars, cars, turkeys, etc...

Yesterday was a busy day. The Boyfriend and I watched the Stars game. Which started out well but didn't end well. That's all I'm saying. Bummer. Seriously. It looked like... never mind. *SIGH*

After that, we had to go to the Boyfriend's favorite "geek" store because some parts of his computer died and he needed to replace something. Boyfriend built his own computer so yeah, dude knows what he's doing and also gets major lust eyes when he's in said store. He sees computer parts, cases and tons of other shit I have no clue about and stands there drooling and coveting over these parts. It's kind of like the way I stand there and covet the bad ass car cruising by me (which happened later when I saw a Bugatti Veyron and almost had a fucking orgasm at the sight of it. OMG) when I see one of my dream cars cruising by me. Which is cute as hell because he doesn't get all lusty eyed and tongue wagging over much at all. It's cars and computer parts that do that with him. That computer parts get him all googly eyed? I think that's cute. I love my computer nerd.

After that, we drove out to his car club meeting. Some sexy muscle cars and some not so sexy muscle cars take up a row and then some in the parking lot of the place they do it at. Mostly, they're all freshly washed and shiny as fuck from wax. We hang out and we chat with people in the car club. I'll admit, I like a small handful of the people in his car club and mostly they're the ones that he is friends with and hangs out with outside of car club events. The rest of them? Some are okay. A lot of them are tools.

One of Boyfriend's buddies from the car club introduced us to his new girlfriend. I smiled and politely said hello to her once he introduced us. She looked at me, said absolutely nothing, didn't even smile at me. Then, she turned away from me and & started talking to the Boyfriend. I just chuckled. Stuff like that from chicks doesn't piss me off, honestly. It's a catty, rude, total bitch move. I have no idea why she chose to act like that, maybe she's insecure and doesn't like other girls. Maybe she didn't like the way I looked. Especially when I'm standing there with my boyfriend which means I clearly have no interest in a friend of my boyfriend's anyway. I think it ticked her off more that I chuckled at her behavior and continued to smile at her as she glared at me for no real reason. Whatever, I have no clue and I don't understand why people act like that. Aside from it being rude and petty, it's also plain stupid and downright fucking silly.

After that, it was off to a friends house. They were grilling burgers and going to hang out. Free food and good company? Yes please.

Once we got to their house, everyone stood around talking cars for a while outside. Which was fun, as always. They are all car guys and were talking about various different things they want done next to their cars, things they wouldn't do, etc. I get amused by how excited Boyfriend's buddy D always gets when talking about his car. He looks like a kid on Christmas morning.

After the car talk, we got into sports a little bit. Mostly it was Stars talk. Which I never mind. =) I'm always down for talking about hockey. Or football, baseball, basketball or a few other sports.

Then after that, it was music talk. K was telling us how awesome a couple of recent shows we missed were. Which sucks because two of them weren't announced and we didn't know about until it was too late. We wouldn't have had the money to go anyway but given what K does for a job, we wouldn't have needed money anyway because he would have gotten us in for free. He kind of fucking rocks like that. He is the reason I got front row on the rail at the Incubus concert last year instead of sitting way the fuck in the back, on the amphitheater lawn where I had tickets at. He is all kinds of bad ass like that.

This is why I love hanging out with guys. Talking about cars, sports and metal is fucking awesome because those are three of my absolute favorite things and things that I know quite a lot about. I never feel out of place like I do most of the time around groups of females. (And yes, I am fully aware
not all guys like these things. I have plenty of male friends who don't know cars or who don't care about sports or who prefer to listen to country or jazz. Blah blah blah. There are always exceptions to each and every rule.) Most girls I know don't know much about sports and don't care to know either. And even more don't know much beyond basics about cars and don't care to know more either. While there are chicks like me, D's wife and other women I know that love sports and cars (and plenty that I don't know that are out there) who know and understand a lot about both topics; there are more that don't know, understand or care and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. It can sound sexist all fucking day and honestly I don't care because it's true.

Anyway... D and D's Wife are awesome hosts. They grilled burgers and hot dogs and had plenty of stuff to munch on and drink. They just recently moved into their house after getting married late last year. They've got a nice little house and enjoy having people over. Usually it's D, D's Wife, The Boyfriend, myself and a bunch of guys. Fun times usually because most of the people they invite over are people we all mutually know one way or another and they're all pretty chill and laid back. Plus, their puppies are fucking adorable and so well behaved. They tell them to go out of the room, they go. Go outside, they go. Go lay down, they go.

While hanging out, one of the guys admitted he was afraid of turkeys. This came about while he was talking about his fear of horses and how he would rather ride a camel over going horseback riding or riding a horse anywhere in general. Which stemmed from seeing a show about horse racing on television. I digress. We wanted to know why he was scared of turkeys. So, he being the cool guy he is, very willingly explained his turkey phobia.

"I got attacked by a turkey when I was 5. I liked to chase chickens and they don't do anything but run when you chase them. I never hurt them, just ran around with them. Then, one day, I saw the turkey and was thinking MAN THAT'S A BIG BIRD! So I went to chase it and yeah that backfired. It was mean. The turkey started to chase me. It was flapping around all crazy and making all kinds of crazy fucked up noises. Scariest moment of my life. I enjoy Thanksgiving so much, I show the turkeys who's boss now."

It might not be that funny in text but if you had heard him tell it, seeing his hand gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice and all that jazz... you would have been rolling with laughter like all of us were. It was fucking hilarious.

Now, it's late as hell. Boyfriend is working on his computer still and I'm finishing this post up, watching the end of Law Abiding Citizen and about to pass the fuck out. I seriously hope this post goes up when it's supposed to. I've been having trouble with things that are set up to post not posting on time or at all lately.

Happy Monday!


Southern Sage said...

It was funny in text too! I sniggered!

TUG said...

That turkey story is hilarious. I can totally picture it and him while telling it as well. I would have been dying from laughter. I love stories like that.

Hubman said...

I'm totally trying to figure out what someone might have e-mailed you about from this post, like you tweeted earlier.

Sounds like a good day to me!

Lucid_Dreamer said...

The turkey story is $$$$, lol.


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Emmy said...

Love the turkey story! Hilarious!

And I feel that same way about chicks too. The catty ass BS is so not worth my time or energy in even thinking about it. Usually when it happens, I roll my eyes and laugh. Then I go back to talking to whichever guy I was beforehand. Whatever.


kittykillkill said...

Sounds like that bitch is hating on you girl. Don't pay her any attention-she's just jealous.